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a plant spore formed by two similar sexual cells

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Bower, here, referred to the work of Allen (1905) who had observed highly condensed bivalents at the first division of Coleochaete scutata zygospores but less condensed, filamentous chromosomes at the second division.
Red algae produce two types of nonmotile spores that can settle on plates, attach and grow into small plants: carpospores (zygospores) and tetraspores (meiospores) (Destombe et al.
The decline in total growth was due mainly to a decrease in vegetative cells with a corresponding increase in zygospores as salinity increased.
Plated cultures were kept in light for 1 d and dark for 5 d to mature zygospores. Zygospores were selected by exposing cultures to chloroform vapor for 45 see, which selectively kills nonresting stages.
The mold's structural elements include both hyphae and zygospores. Visceral involvement is rare.
Zygospores as evidence of sexual reproduction in the genus Orphella.