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a plain plinth that supports a wall

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Zocco (2011) refers to the importance of leadership commitment and faculty support in developing a quality program with continuous improvement elements, and this was an important consideration for the academics.
Piscaglia AC, Zocco MA, Di Campli C, Sparano L, Rutella S, Monego G, et al.
remus has been largely used in Integrated Pest Management programs in Venezuela in corn, reaching control levels up to 90% (GONZALEZ & ZOCCO, 1996; FERRER, 2001).
Salem--Erin Hamlin and Heather Zocco, promoted to member services representative.
1988) and Zocco Pisana and Tomei (1990) for the Livomo
Anna Zocco, co-director of Licaone Fund, a non-profit organisation raising funds from private and corporate donors to protect the endangered Wild dog, Lycaon pictus says "The only hope of the Wild dog's survival is a combined effort by NGOs, governments and the public.
Zocco is Professor of Finance, Department of Finance, School of Business Administration, University of San Diego, San Diego, California.
Zocco, "New Evidence on the Selection of an Appropriate Discount Rate in Economic Loss Determinations," Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel, Vol.
Fat Tire] is very nice and very easy to drink, it's not complicated," said Paul Zocco of Zok's Homebrewing.
Ora nun semu cchiU cu l'occhi chiusi, Sapemu Giulianu zocco fu; Nni ficiru di iddu tutti l'usi Ca ci sirvia e ora un servi cchiU.
Flavors of vanilla chocolate, pretty good for what it is," said homebrew shop owner Paul Zocco.
Sweet lemony nose, very nice," said homebrew shop owner Paul Zocco.