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a plain plinth that supports a wall

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Honey and smoke in the nose," said Paul Zocco, "it's a little sweet, but good.
Zocco (2011) refers to the importance of leadership commitment and faculty support in developing a quality program with continuous improvement elements, and this was an important consideration for the academics.
Zocco, "New Evidence on the Selection of an Appropriate Discount Rate in Economic Loss Determinations," Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel, Vol.
We are very pleased with the level of adoption RPX has achieved in its first year," said Giuseppe Zocco, partner and co-founder, Index Ventures: "RPX was the first company we found buying patents for defensive purposes to benefit a broad range of companies - a brilliant concept whose time has come for technology companies worldwide.
Goaty nose, vinegar and brett and lactic," said homebrew shop owner Paul Zocco.
Also speaking at the event are Parmy Olson, London bureau chief at Forbes Magazine; Cheryl Yeoh, co-founder of Citypockets; Ray Weaver, assistant professor at Harvard Business Schooland Giuseppe Zocco, co-founder of Index Ventures.
RPX has created a great white-hat business by providing a very compelling solution to a well recognized and growing problem faced by many companies worldwide," said Giuseppe Zocco, partner and co-founder, Index Ventures.
There's also a roastiness in the background that's very nice," said homebrew shop owner Paul Zocco.
said Viviana Zocco, the founder and President of the VI-DA Group, the creator of BajaLibros.
Imbera is empowering and freeing designers of electronic products from the technical and space constraints that have limited their visions in the past, especially when looking at the market for small portable devices," explained Giuseppe Zocco, co-founder and partner of Index Ventures.
To style, although maybe a little on the sweet side," commented Paul Zocco of Zok's Homebrew.
Honorable-mention recipients Maggie Wohltmann of Teaneck High School in Teaneck, NJ, and Kim Zocco of Archbishop Edward A.
Shrewsbury: Charles Alvino, Alexander Chadwick, Sahil Jain, Marc Marin, Shamus Noonan, Auston Paquette, Robert Ryan, Timothy Seed, Apoora Trivedi, Thomas Zocco, Derek Ames, Andrew Cafarella, Aaron Caola, Brendan Cassidy, Anthony Chandler, Ryan Chaparian, Pureum Choe, Jared Giordano, Chad LaBove, Nicholas McCarthy, Brett Murphy, George Buckham, Timothy Evans, JooHyuk Kim, John Millar, Daniel Snook, John Walent, Halldor Arnarson, Joshua Bryant, Matthew Cafarella, John Cavanaugh, Ryan Hallice, Mark Lewandowski, Zachary Lucey, Nicholas Maniatis, Pedro Mora, Benjamin Nason, Nicholas Siegelman, Alex Stolicny, Suraj Subramanian, Jose Yarzebski
Seashols joins existing board members Giuseppe Zocco (General Partner, Index Ventures), Alexander Bruhl (Senior Partner, Atlas Venture), Tom Bradley (Partner, DFJ Esprit), Juha Christensen and Michel Gien (Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, VirtualLogix).
Nice nose, and nice all the way through, piney resiny hops in the body, it's good," said Paul Zocco.