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Synonyms for sphalerite

an ore that is the chief source of zinc

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Hingerl, "Bulk dipolar contribution to second-harmonic generation in zincblende," Journal of the Optical Society of America B, vol.
It was found that the ZnS and ZnS:Y nanoparticles are highly crystalline and show zincblende structure.
Zhao, "First-principles studies on magnetic stability of SrC and BaC in rocksalt, zincblende, and nickel arsenide phases under pressure," Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, vol.
He describes "a stratum of galenite carrying a wonderfully rich percentage of silver [with] zincblende and striking ores of copper." Only one galena specimen was examined during this study--Yale #60-C1644-734.
To realize the Pockels effect, the group IV material must be grown with an ordered, noncentrosymmetric lattice, such as zincblende. This may require special growth techniques to stabilize the lattice and prevent randomization of atomic order.
Pettifor, "Erratum: Half-metallic ferromagnetism and structural stability of zincblende phases of the transition-metal chalcogenides," Physical Review Letters, vol.
For ZnS sample, the XRD pattern mainly reflects three strong peaks of (111), (220), and (311), which can be indexed as a zincblende structure with weak wurtzite.