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(Greek mythology) the supreme god of ancient Greek mythology

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type genus of the family Zeidae

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None of the passengers were injured even as Zeus opened one of the car's doors and tried to shoot Francis who hid behind his grandson.
Good idea," said Zeus, and he called out to the sheep.
What is really important here is that the Zeus system may allow me to decrease surgical trauma to the patient, which translates into a shorter hospital stay and reduced costs, recovery pain and time for the patient," said Dr.
Support from the Linux community and our partners is critical to the success of our multiprocessor technology, and it is clearly evident from the level of commitment we have received from Covalent and Zeus Technology," said Richard Heye, vice president of Platform Engineering and Infrastructure for AMD's Computation Products Group.
Thus even as the poet shows us how Zeus manages the other Olympians and the challenges to his reign that they pose, he also simultaneously shows us how he, the poet, manages the resulting challenges to his narrative.
Io, the daughter of the river-god Inachus, She was beloved by Zeus, who changed her into a heifer to save her from the jealous wrath of Hera.
ZEUS Battery Products is the world's leading manufacturer of sealed lead acid batteries, battery chargers and custom battery packs for all portable power requirements.
lt;p>According to security company RSA, the Zeus Trojan -- blamed for enabling countless online bank account heists -- now uses an instant messaging component that alerts hackers immediately when they've captured someone's authentication credentials.
Larry and his wise-cracking dog Zeus make their way to Joshua Tree National Park for, what Larry thinks will be, a relaxing holiday.
Hosting automation and web infrastructure solutions Zeus Technology has launched version 4.
Zagreus In Greek myth, a divine child who was the son of Zeus (as a snake) and his daughter Persephone.
com)-- EveryCity, the managed hosting provider, today announced a partnership with Zeus Technology, the leading provider of award winning application traffic management software.