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extreme intolerance of antisocial behavior (usually by an uncompromising application of the law)

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Seal is illustrative of what is dangerous about the implementation of zero-tolerance discipline policies that require reviewing officials to apply rules mindlessly.
The study suggests the following: (1) replacing high-stakes testing--the "test and punish" approach--with qualitative assessments; (2) including classroom instructions beyond the tests and drills associated with standardized testing; (3) reevaluating zero-tolerance policies to determine what effect the criminalization of students has on the community; and (4) providing young people the opportunities to correct problematic behavior.
He evaluates the effects of Pennsylvania's zero-tolerance juvenile drinking and driving laws, whether it deters juveniles, and contends that zero-tolerance policies may increase drunk driving arrest rates among juveniles and have no impact on related fatality rates.
Over the past decade, schools increasingly have taken a zero-tolerance approach to discipline, relying heavily on remedies such as suspension and expulsion, but, the letter states, "Studies by the American Psychological Association and others failed to find any evidence that the use of zero tolerance, suspension, and expulsion leads to improvements in student behavior or school climate.
The EU's zero-tolerance policy on non-approved biotech crops is not only ineffective in keeping out unauthorized products, but could also devastate the European livestock sector by reducing the availability of high-protein feed and driving up costs for producers and consumers, the studies claim.
Judge Cottle, 61, said: "I have adopted an approach which is as near to zero-tolerance as is consistent with my duty.
The SSTA have urged all councils to put in place "effective, zero-tolerance policies" to deal with such incidents.
The group you chronicled in your article, Sigma Phi Beta, was actually a recognized chapter of Alpha Lambda Tau starting in 2001 until it was suspended for violation of our zero-tolerance drug policy in 2003.
"ROBOCOP" police chief Ray Mallon, famed for his zero-tolerance approach to crime, has been clocked doing 75mph in a 50mph zone.
ZERO-tolerance policing would be impossible in the UK, according the man who represents rank-and-file Coventry police.
The heightened awareness has lowered the level of mold that may be acceptable to the general public to a near zero-tolerance level that cannot be attained or maintained.
The zero-tolerance is not used when drug-class substances are used for medical purposes, reported the YLE teletext news.
Although school officials have often taken zero-tolerance laws against drugs in schools to mean that even asthma medicine must be kept locked in the office--which obviously defeats the purpose of rescue inhalers like quick-acting bronchodilators--in the past few years many states passed bills specifically exempting inhalers from such rigidly interpreted rules.
A zero-tolerance policy for violence is being challenged in a case involving a woman who was threatened with eviction after filing a restraining order against her husband.
In the wake of one such incident, the killing of Guinean immigrant Amadou Diallo in a hail of 41 bullets fired by four officers in the notorious "Street Crimes Unit," even the police unio n, itself a bastion of revanchism, has complained that "zero-tolerance tactics" have become a "blueprint for a police state and tyranny" (Cooper, 1999).