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a game in which the total of all the gains and losses is zero

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What was meant to be a mission to find compromise, instantly became a zero-sum game. No one can be seen to compromise once the game is zero-sum.
Perhaps the most significant aspect of these faint though hopeful signs may be the dawning of a realization that the age of bloc politics and zero-sum games may be coming to an end.
How will Hobby Lobby affect RFRA cases involving zero-sum games? I explore this question using a paradigmatic example of a zero-sum RFRA claim: the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (The "Eagle Act").
"There's no need to view trade, commerce or economic growth as zero-sum games," he said.
Political campaigns are zero-sum games. If Cheney did well, by definition Lieberman did not.
Without doubt, von Neumann's solution to two-person zero-sum games was a major building block in the theory of games.
British officials recognise Moscow and NATO countries would still have differences - such as on missile defence - but they add: "We have to stop seeing any of these issues as zero-sum games".
But Wills hasn't the foggiest idea about zero-sum games. Every shift of rights between individuals, or from individuals to government, necessarily conserves the sum of legal rights.