Zen Buddhism

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school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith


a Buddhist doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive insight


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4) A "koan" is a fundamental part of the history and lore of Zen Buddhism.
Though Zen Buddhism has a historical trajectory of its own, in
Most recently, he has completed a translation of the masterwork of Dogen Zenji, founder of Soto Zen Buddhism in Japan, titled "Shobogenzo, the Treasury of the True Dharma Eye.
Sussex vicar Pete Owen Jones sets out to explore the physical elements of three great religions, Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and ascetic Christianity.
Her brown grey canvases possess a true harmony and sense of space and with her work, the influence of Zen Buddhism about which so much is heard, seems truly relevant.
Antinoff makes between some of the greatest Western writers/thinkers and Zen Buddhism reveals insights which resonate long after the reading.
The show also plans to offer viewers an insight into the Welsh football team's dressing room, as John Toshack tries some innovative ways of calming the temper of bad-boy striker Craig Bellamy, including experimenting with Zen Buddhism.
general semantics and Zen Buddhism, one discovers many similarities
These are musings of a Western, lay woman practicing Zen Buddhism and Vipassana, but who is also committed to socially engaged Buddhism, so in all humility, I offer these reflections.
Mohler said on Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor, "Well, I would have to say as a Christian that I believe any belief system, any worldview, whether it's Zen Buddhism or Hinduism or dialectical materialism, for that matter, Marxism, that keeps persons captive and keeps them from coming to faith in Lord Jesus Christ, yes, is a demonstration of satanic power.
It is a collection of Zen Koan (a subject for contemplation in Zen Buddhism, usually one of the sayings or significant incidents of a great Zen master of the past).
There are already thousands of Catholics who are influenced by the New Age movement, Zen Buddhism, and other eastern pagan concepts.
But such nuggets are too often lost amidst Chouinard's digressions on Zen Buddhism, the philosophy of architecture, and the swallows that live under his roof.
In Zen Buddhism, it's very important to be very aware, very conscious of what we do,'' said Woodland Hills resident Pat ``Singetsu'' Guzy, a Zen Buddhist priest from the Zen Center of Los Angeles.
The book takes the reader chapter by chapter through the doctrines and teachings of the Bible making several comparisons to Zen Buddhism and mysticism.