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Synonyms for Zen

school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith

a Buddhist doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive insight


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Zen: Hard Bounty finds ZEN on the trail of a notorious killer, an assignment that proves one of the toughest of his star-spanning career.
is most similar to "crazy Zen," or that kind of Zen based on
Zen Bedrooms has a proven track history of seeking the best solutions for their customers.
While the primary focus of these chapters is the elite aspects of Zen doctrine, they also target more conventional Buddhist conceptions such as the role of karma in Japanese society and Zen thought.
In fact the European Union has banned using ZEN to fatten up cattle, a technique used in the USA since 1969, because of its links with precocious puberty," he said.
Initially the deaths seems unrelated, until it becomes clear they''re part of a vendetta against Zen.
Zen wrote professional and well-reasoned court reports to divert mentally ill offenders from the criminal justice system, where appropriate.
The easy plug-and-play functionality of the Creative Zen Mozaic EZ300 lets you connect it to a PC or laptop and drag and drop songs directly into the player.
Esther Kho, Senior Marketing Specialist, Regional Sales for Creative Labs Asia said, "We're delighted to launch the Creative ZEN MX in the Middle East region.
First, the inclusion of a few texts composed by Korean Zen teachers, in addition to the expected coverage of the Chinese and Japanese traditions, although once again Vietnamese Zen finds itself overlooked.
In addition, customers will be able to view an itemised bill during the month via the customer portal so that they can monitor any charges, Zen said.
Situated off the Valley's main culinary thoroughfare, Ventura Boulevard, on Moorpark Street, Zen Chi is a full-service restaurant that serves familiar, modern dishes, most with an Asian accent.
Andrew Moger and his team at Branded Concept Development are gearing up to work their magic for trendy Pan-Asian vegetarian eatery, Zen Palate.
At Manzanita, so named for the little apple trees that populate the property, you'll find traditional workshops like meditation and mindfulness, incorporating teachings of Zen and Vipassana practices.
Enhanced with an accompanying 3D animation DVD, "Shaolin: Legends Of Zen And King Fu" is a unique picturebook written and illustrated by Liow Kah Joon.