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"So you see," continued the zebra, addressing the crab, "here are people of real consequence, who know what they are talking about."
At this taunt the crab reached out its other claw and seized the zebra's ear, and the creature gave a cry of pain and began prancing up and down, trying to shake off the crab, which clung fast.
"Stop pinching!" cried the zebra. "You promised not to pinch if I would carry you here!"
"Ladies and gentlemen," continued the zebra, "please pardon my poor friend, because he is ignorant and stupid, and does not understand.
"What!" exclaimed the zebra, in astonishment; "do I hear you aright?"
"Impossible!" protested the zebra. "Why, I can run for days upon the land, and find but little water."
"Never," admitted the zebra. "There is no such thing as an ocean in the Land of Oz."
Zebra?" it cried, jeeringly; "now will you give up?"
The crab began laughing again, which so provoked the zebra that he tried to shake the little creature off.
"I'm sorry I asked you to decide this question," said the zebra, crossly.
Then the zebra trotted back to the forest, bearing the crab with him, and disappeared amid the gloom of the trees.
Kicking off their World Cup qualifying journey, the Zebras will host the Flames of Malawi in a preliminary double header round this weekend in Francistown.
"In the many years we spent living in Africa, we were always struck by how much time zebras spent grazing in the blazing heat of the day and felt the stripes might be helping them to control their temperature in some way.
He said with the addition of Plintoff, the zoo now had a total of five zebras. On Friday, two of them were shifted to the F-8 enclosure, he added.