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a native or inhabitant of Zealand

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Hartley is set to become the first New Zealander on the Formula One grid in more than three decades.
Review of The Making of New Zealanders, by Ron Palenski (Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2012).
If we are dropping our political trousers to people who in some cases are not even New Zealanders, is it any wonder that the country appears to be up for sale to the highest bidder no matter which major political party you vote for?
New Zealander Leon Williamson refereed the last England-Australia final at Elland two years ago but Perenara effectively ruled himself out of contention with his blunders at Wembley, where he wrongly disallowed an England try and failed to show a red card to Australian forward Tony Williams for the high tackle which subsequently earned him a one-match suspension.
Scott, who issued a statement condemning Williams' comments but saying he would not sack the New Zealander, said: "He's a part of my team and everyone has their own opinions so I've stood by mine and said all I have to say about it really.
After the meeting, Sahin hosted a luncheon in honor of the New Zealander speaker and the accompanying delegation.
In the 2006 census the number of people reporting New Zealander as their ethnic group increased five-fold, making it the third most frequent response behind New Zealand European and Maori.
The willing was announced at the third meeting of the two countries` joint Political-Economic Cooperation Commission which held in the presence of Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs Mohammad-Ali Hosseini and his New Zealander counterpart Michael Green in Wellington.
IT WAS stated that Corporal Bill Apiata was the first New Zealander to win the Victoria Cross Mail, July 26).
Instead, the film - which stars Angelina Jolie and Britain's Clive Owen as relief workers who fall in love over a 15-year course of humanitarian disasters in war-torn Ethiopia, Cambodia and Chechnya - has been directed by reliable New Zealander Martin Campbell (``GoldenEye,'' ``The Mask of Zorro,'' ``Vertical Limit'') from a script credited to Stone's original screenwriter, Caspian Tredwell-Owen.
And the New Zealander has asked for more time to mould his squad before being judged at the end of the Six Nations.
New Zealand's Information Minister, Paul Swain, earlier said that the average New Zealander has nothing to worry about.
New Zealander author of novels and short stories set in his native land, which he has called "a last frontier for the human race, and a paradise lost.
New Zealander Mark Taylor, now known as Abu Abdul-Rahman, has reportedly deleted 45 tweets earlier in the week after finding out that they revealed his exact coordinates, (http://www.
Summary: London: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) promoted New Zealander Ross McEwan, its head of retail .