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the largest island of Denmark and the site of Copenhagen

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We see the same law in this author's restorations of the extinct and gigantic birds of New Zealand.
At any rate, it was a harmless eccentricity, and may the god of gales, who took him away so abruptly between New Zealand and the Horn, let his soul rest in some Paradise of true seamen, where no amount of carrying on will ever dismast a ship!
He was now to go to bed; that was an old turn-up bedstead; in it he lay and thought about his geography lesson, and of Zealand, and of all that his master had told him.
So it was that the socialists succeeded in making Australia and New Zealand into cooperative commonwealths.
Holding a light in one hand, and that identical New Zealand head in the other, the stranger entered the room, and without looking towards the bed, placed his candle a good way off from me on the floor in one corner, and then began working away at the knotted cords of the large bag I before spoke of as being in the room.
An arborescent fern was found by Forster in New Zealand in 46 degs.
was the next question; for the Albatross was bound on to New Zealand.
The six winners of Education New Zealand's #YourSummerinNZ competition will receive full scholarships to study English language in New Zealand for up to six weeks.
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed by the Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand to formally declare their plans to work together to develop tourism to New Zealand.
Bruce Douglas (Scotland) Simon Easterby (Ireland) Regan King (New Zealand, left ) Scot Macleod (Scotland) Deacon Manu (Fiji/New Zealand) Mahonri Schwalger (Samoa) Adam Eustace (England) Sililo Martens (Tonga, signed for next season)
But all the hype about New Zealand being clean and green may be somewhat exaggerated.
Today, Maori carvings are a major part of New Zealand culture.
MY WIFE and I have a family farm in the South Island of New Zealand, 100km from Mount Cook.
New Zealand Exchange Limited (NZX), operator of New Zealand's only registered securities exchange, is consolidating 21 operational databases into a single source of data, powered by Oracle(R) Database 10g.
Auckland: New Zealand Baptist Research and Historical Society, 2002.