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the trademark for a machine that smooths the ice in an ice-skating rink

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According to news reports, Zamboni believes narrowed or blocked veins force blood to move backwards or reflux back into the brain and spine, causing damage.
"The Ice Forum has been one of our SEGs and the owner told us he'd love to finance their new zamboni with us and asked if we wanted to wrap it with advertising and essentially have a rolling billboard in the rink for 20 years."
There's a magnetic piece for each letter of the alphabet, from Ambulance to Zamboni. Meanwhile, Mini Magnetic Puzzles ($5 each) are nine-piece editions that include Puppy, Kitty, and Diggers `n' Dumpers versions.
Camera (color, 35mm/DV), Fabio Cianchetti; editor, Paola Freddi; music, Massimo Zamboni. Reviewed at Toronto Film Festival (Contemporary World Cinema), Sept.
Gives you the shakes like a poodle on a Zamboni. And the crash is .
Someone has stolen the Zamboni sisters' 200-pound zucchini, and Max is going to help them find it!
PELAW GRANGE 7.30 (435m): Mega Stacey, Masked Lady, Zamboni Dream, Slave Trap (W), Toggle Four (W).
Google has a knack for honoring those who have left their mark throughout history, and ( today's Google Doodle commemorates the life of Frank Zamboni: creator of the ice-smoothing Zamboni machine.
"So, it's probably not just because of the Zamboni."
Also included are real-life stories about a horse trainer, figure skater choreographer, official basketball timekeeper, a baseball scout, sports agent, and "the best Zamboni driver in the world." All have in common a passion for sports and the desire to be near the action in some capacity.
As no UK doctors who specialise in MS are prepared to carry out are prepared to carry out Zamboni's procedure until further studies are carried out, Alex went to California, where a surgeon at Stanford University was willing to perform the procedure.
Zamboni, a special ice cleaning and resurfacing device, will be deployed across the rink every couple of hours to ensure top quality ice at all times.
My favourite part of the book is the quotes from contemporary boys answering the question "How will you rock the world?" Shikhar, 12, says he wants to be a lawyer because his parents are always telling him he is argumentative, and Brandon, 5, wants to drive a Zamboni and "make the ice really slippery so that people can skate really fast!" Recommended for all schools and public libraries.
Opposite page, from top; "Jerry Springer," by Matt Boswell; "Smuggler's Cove," by David Zamboni.