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a Hebrew minor prophet of the late 6th century BC


an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Zechariah which are concerned mainly with the renewal of Israel after the Babylonian Captivity

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Speaking at another meeting, Nafees Zakaria informed the businessmen from Malaysia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Netherlands and Norway about the investment potential in Pakistan.
In his address to the networking meeting, Nafees Zakaria appreciated GAMALUX for its contribution to promoting Pakistan-Malaysia economic relations, welcomed Business Delegates from Pakistan and other countries and informed the audience of the business and investment potential that Pakistan holds.
Former spokesperson of FO Nafees Zakaria introduced Dr.
Responding to a question, Nafees Zakaria said Pakistan has taken indiscriminate action against all the terrorist groups.
Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan has been highlighting human rights violations in held Kashmir by the Indian troops at all international fora effectively.
Shedding light on US delegation's visit to Pakistan, Zakaria said the visit was important following Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi's meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence some weeks ago.
Lahore [Pakistan], August 17 ( ANI ): Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria reacted on the United States' decision to declare Hizbul Mujahideen as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation and a specially-designated global terrorist group and termed it as "saddening".
Partners should have specialized training in new digital business models, especially across artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning innovations," said Zakaria Haltout, Head of Global Channels and General Business for the Middle East and North Africa at SAP.
ISLAMABAD -- Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria has said that there are some foreign hands, who are engaged in fanning terrorism in Pakistan but they will not succeed in their sordid designs.
Nazpal Zakaria, 28, was arrested by police after a motorcycle reported lost since Jan.
At his weekly news conference, Nafees Zakaria said Pakistan is hoping to strengthen relations with the U.
The incident occurred when the Zakaria Express train from Multan collided with Fareed Express from Lahore, according to Ashraf Lanjaar, director general of operations at the Ministry of Railways.
Security sources told The Daily Star that Zakaria Ezzat Shaker, 69, shot himself in the head at dawn in his bedroom in Zalka.
Zakaria has affirmed the importance of mapping out strategies and plans for collecting weapons in the region in implementation of the decision of the President of the Republic.
Farooq Zakaria of Zakaria Trading International, "Jiete has built its reputation in the textile machinery industry due to its high quality and reliable service, and their products are used by the leading OEM loom manufacturers and also sold by distributors worldwide.