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In the 1980s, significant deposits of high-quality diamonds were discovered in northern Angola, bur civil war meant that large amounts of artisanal extraction took place (De Boeck 1999; Monnier, Jewsiewicki and de Villiers 2001; Mbiki 2008), (17) in which a massive influx of Zairians from across the border participated.
Meanwhile, from the north came another anticommunist guerilla army, Holden Roberto's National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), which was saturated with CIA personnel, South African military advisors, and Zairian troops, plus some Portuguese and British soldiers of fortune.
(13) Among the Zairians not protected by Mobutu, were ethnic Tutsis who had been residing in eastern Zaire for generations.
Other foreign nationals, including Poles, Czechs, Ukrainians and Zairians were also deported after the joint police and immigration service operation netted 45 suspected illegal aliens.
Instead, Zairians experienced a massive drop in per capita income as inflation rose and the GDP growth rate fell.
Eighteen months later, Zairians we still contending with the effects of what has become a continuing economic, environmental, public health and political nightmare for the region's towns an rural areas.
Strait was the first American network journalist to report on AIDS from Zaire (the crew had to smuggle out the videotape when the Zairians changed their minds about open coverage).
However, it is not the fact that Zairians hold curious views about the local Gods that keeps them in this state but the fact that they lack the necessary political and legal systems that make for a stable environment.
According to Kalala, Zairians usually do not consider the United States as a place of exile.
However, representatives of non-democratic states do not necessarily speak with the moral authority of the citizenry they claim to represent, even if analysts often pretend that they do, as when one imagines President Mobutu Sese Seko speaking on behalf of all Zairians. In this case sovereignty as autonomy is not morally compelling, since the sovereignty is not properly constituted "from within." Sovereignty as autonomy may, however, be prudent in such situations as a method of avoiding international wars.
Thousands of Zairians heeded the warning and queued up for the 20-minute ferry ride home across the Congo River.
If Mobutu brought unity to Zaire, it is a unity born of Zairians' near-universal hatred of his regime.
The invitation state that Zairians suffer greatly and needlessly from many preventable or easily treatable diseases, due partly to a simple lack of primary health care services.