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Synonyms for Zairean

a native or inhabitant of Zaire

of or relating to or characteristic of Zaire or its people


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and Western-supported forces drove back rebel followers of former Zairean Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, and the CIA orchestrated a military coup by Mobutu.
Kabila, 56, said he expected his forces to have complete control of the Zairean army and added: "Everyone is ready to take orders from me.
envoy declined to disclose what he told the Zairean, saying only: ``We had a good, frank meeting for an hour and a half.
He recently visited a parish in northern France, which "has 24 varieties of hyphenated French," among them Zairean French, Portuguese French and Brazilian French.
The Zairean female poet Faik-Nzuji becomes Faik-Nzuju.
Yet a great deal of this sort of work is now being produced around the world, and the ambitions of at least some of it could intrigue a post-Modernist: a picture exhibited by Zairean artist Kamba Luesa at the second Bantu Biennale, in 1987--a loosely allover field of mazelike abstraction coalescing here and there into hints of faces--is titled Cultural Identity.
The band was primarily Zairean, having arrived in Kenya from the south of what is now DR Congo in the early 1970s.
It is said that Mobutu of Zaire had more money in Swiss banks than the Zairean treasury; that if he had lent the money to Zaire, the country would not have had to borrow.
For example, in 1994 the problem of hunger and malnourishment was becoming principally severe in the Ugandan and Zairean settlement camps where food relief had been withdrawn, and the refugees who were suffering indefinitely as a result of the foregoing factors voluntarily repatriated to their various homelands.
After Zairean rebels (with support from the RPF) overran Rwandese refugee camps in eastern Zaire (now DRC Congo) in late 1996, more than one million Zaire-based and Tanzania-based refugees returned to Rwanda.
African liturgies, such as the Zairean rite, the Mass of the Lagunes, the Mass of the Savanna, the Ndzon-Melen Mass of Yaounde, the Swahili Mass, and chants in numerous languages, including the Cameroonian Ewondo, were produced.
They were part of the horn section for the Zairean soukous-inclined Taxi Pata Pata, while Batchelor gigged with South African exiles Dudu Pukwana and Chris McGregor, and Buckley worked on projects with Ghana's Pan African Orchestra and an all-drumming group from the same country.
59) Nwaka Chris Egbulem, The Power of Afrocentric Celebrations: Inspirations from the Zairean Liturgy (New York: Crossroad, 1996) 91.
The 19-year-old Zairean linked up brilliantly with Nobby Solano to set-up Shearer for his first goal from open play all season - and could easily have added a second.
Zairean Lomano Lua Lua is a genius and he masterminded a 4-1 win at QPR in the Worthington Cup.