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Synonyms for Zairean

a native or inhabitant of Zaire

of or relating to or characteristic of Zaire or its people


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Tenke-Fungurume well illustrates the huge problems faced in mining on the Zairean Copperbelt.
The primary function of the Zairean economy since Mobutu came to power 32 years ago, has been to enrich the president and his cronies.
He was so tireless and cleverly persuasive, he reportedly convinced many Zaireans that Foreman was white.
The primacy function of the Zairean economy since Mobutu Sese Seko came to power 32 years ago, has been to enrich the president and his cronies.
The Watford boss liked what he saw and signed the Zairean on a free transfer from Turkish club Samsunspor.
Key to that happening, they say, was the closing of the Zairean refugee camps and the return of the Hutu refugees, which now offers the country a new beginning.
The attack came as warfare between Tutsi rebels and Zairean government troops forced up to half a million Rwandan Hutus to flee refugee camps.
The procureur is typically a foreign priest, trusted to resist corruption more easily than Zairean priests, who are pressured by economic needs and cultural attitudes to help their many relatives.
The book is crowded with stories (the account of the Zairean air force, pp.
In 1977, after the capture of their base by the Zairean army, Kabila's supporters dispersed and set up a socialist mini-state with collective farms, schools and primary health care services.
Holdsworth, who two minutes earlier had been elbowed by Michel Ngonge, appeared to achieve retribution in a clash with the Zairean forward and was booked.
Then he was left behind on a pre-season trip to Scotland and Graham Taylor signed 31-year-old Zairean international striker, Michel Ngonge.
officials said Mugunga had grown into the largest refugee camp in the world since the Zairean rebels began battling the Zairean army.
Bloody battles between Zairean government troops and Tutsi rebels forced the Rwandan Hutus to abandon refugee camps.
Zaire's Catholic bishops have bitterly accused Zairean President Mobutu Sese Seko of seeking to terrorize the Zairean people into silence in the period before democratic elections scheduled for later this year.