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a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria


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The Speaker then commended the Zaar nationalities for sustaining their culture, saying that the younger generations would definitely grow to remember and appreciate it and commended the years of unbroken peace currently prevailing in the constituency.
The term 'Sayawa' is a nickname given to the Zaar by the Hausa (Caron 2005); their self-ascribed ethnonym is Zaar.
FULL THROTTLE: Demi's tipped for an Oscar for her new movie Picture: AP PHOTO/ HARPER'S BA ZAAR' A FEW GOOD MEN: Out in Hollywood with Ashton, her daughters - and Bruce' BOBBY GIRL: As Virginia
"Sickness and the Spirits: a study of the Zaar spirit possession cult in the Northern Sudan." Ph.D.
Speakers will include: Rafael Bonnelly, head of content, Terra Networks; John Cough, director of new media and converged formats, Distraction Formats; John Raczka, senior VP of content, BT Openworld; the William Morris Agency's Hans Schiff; and Magnus Zaar, senior director of content, Kamera Interactive.
[4.] Mirvis DM, Chang CF, Hall CJ, Zaar GT, Applegate WB.
TennCare, one of the first statewide experiments with a Medicaid managed care system, was created and implemented to head off a financial crisis in Tennessee (Mirvis, Chang, Hall, Zaar, & Applegate, 1995).
Besides the injunction of Bal Tashhit that includes the destruction of living creatures, the Talmud added the concept of "the pain of living creatures" (zaar baalei chaim).
Peroxidase activity has been localized in dictyosomes, associated secretory vesicles, and ribosomes associated with endoplasmic reticulum and in the cell wall of Lepidium sativum root hairs (Zaar, 1979).
Director social welfare Rana Javed said that summary regarding upgradation of Sanat Zaar has been approved while a 100 bed new Darul Amaan building was also under construction to provide shelter to more destitute and aggrieved women.
We will also continue free medical serves during our annual Leem Zaar festival in Bogoro and Tafawa Balewa LG in order to reach out to every community,' she said.
The officials said the snow leopard was property of the wildlife department and that it had been in captivity at a cage in Lala Zaar area of the national park since 2009.