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a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria


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After reaching the pinnacle of her 20-year career as a clinical research specialist, ending in a position at New York's Rockefeller University, Zaar opted to indulge her creative side.
Sonja Zaar, Associate MBA Director at the Graduate School of International Management, Universiteit Maastricht by telephone +31-(0)43-3884610 or by e-mail s.
Zaar discussed how MLB opens up totally new business opportunities both for CellPoint and the mobile operators, and that it will also open up the location services market for portals and content providers.
Later, the DG distributed certificates among the candidates who have completed their training at Sanat Zaar.
Islamabad -- Lala Zaar colony is facing increased risk of breakout of diseases owing to absence of sewerage lines in the street 2 Tulsa road of the colony.
com) announces Jan Zaar has been appointed General Manager for CellPoint Systems in Sweden.
Premieres of the teleplay La Ta Zaar Sha and music album Drund Pakhtun left a spellbinding impact on the viewers as the sufferings of the Pakhtuns in the militancy hit region were brought under the spotlight while at the same time messages of hope and optimism were spread.