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a code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail

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In the notice, the FIO explained that "personal auto liability insurance is presumed to be affordable if using an affordability index that is calculated by dividing the average annual written personal automobile liability premium in the voluntary market by the median household income for ZIP codes identified as being majority-minority or majority-LMI, the affordability index does not exceed 2%.
In rural ZIP codes, the average premium in predominantly black ZIP codes is 24% more than the average premium in white ZIP codes -- $669 vs.
Currently, their fixed locations represent Zip Codes within a market area, though they plan on adding Census Tracts, shortly, as an alternative value node.
The optimization model takes as input the total number of ZIP code areas to be included in the distribution network (b).
The term ZIP code refers to Zone Improvement Plan, a streamlining mail-delivery system designed and employed by the U.
decided to take a snapshot look at Forbes' list of the most expensive zip codes, that's post code to us Brits, in the run up to Christmas - just in case you decided to make a very pricey purchase this festive season.
Not among retailers for whom collecting and recording ZIP codes is now strictly taboo and certainly not if you consider the broader implications.
In the original suit, Jessica Pineda claimed that a Williams-Sonoma cashier had asked for her zip code while she was making a purchase and it was used later, along with her name, to figure out her home address, which was then sold to other businesses to market products.
In the upper West Side zip code of 10069, less than 12 pc of kids were found to be obese or overweight.
The New Springville neighborhood in zip code 10314 in Staten Island won this title with an eye-popping 188 chain stores in 2009.
The current study was based on data such as age, population density and number of drinking establishments from about 580 ZIP code areas in California from 1995 to 2000.
30, 2006, the largest increase of any Chicago-area ZIP code during that span.
Closing another high-profile deal in the richest zip code in the country, the unstoppable team of Faith Hope Consolo, chairman, and Joseph A.
In July 1963, the post office gave every address a ZIP code.