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a young upwardly mobile professional individual

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Yuppie was an acronym from the Thatcher years of the 1980s that meant Young Upwardly Mobile Professionals who earned good money and could often be flash about spending it.
Yuppie accessory the Filofax came fourth, followed by the films Dirty Dancing and The Goonies.
Following cities like Hoboken, a number of American urban politicians recognized the potential of attracting yuppies as well.
But 20 years on, 45% of former yuppies claim they are struggling financially or failing to live within their means, according to Liverpool Victoria friendly society.
One of Hayes' objectives over the past decade has been to broaden the demographic of the revolutionary green movement beyond its core constituency of white yuppies and hippies.
It doesn't mean I want the poor people to leave and the SUV- driving yuppies to take over.
These are the cheap seats, 15 bucks, half of them filled with blacks from North Philly, the other half with slumming yuppies like me.
Like the trend-setting original, which became a favourite of young upwardly mobile professionals - Yuppies - during the 80s, Penny Blacks will focus on fine wine and premium continental lagers.
Dylan Ebdus and his parents, hippie and artistic, are precursors to the later-arriving yuppies.
I tried to explain that 20 per cent of pounds 100 was more than 25 per cent of nothing but to no avail; it was a "commercial decision" and I was being "emotive" about yuppies.
A survey of new company entrants suggests that Japanese yuppies are just about the worst lot to go for.
Now condominiums outnumber sand dunes and Commercial Street is clogged with circuit boys and yuppies in SUVs.
He is repeatedly recognized as somebody else, he often confuses the identities of his fellow yuppies, and more than once he deliberately misidentifies himself to others.
LONDON yuppies are flocking to the most remote pub in mainland Britain for wild stag nights.
THE most remote pub in mainland Britain has become the toast of yuppies - as a wild place to hold a stag night.