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MATALAN There are plenty of inspirational ideas to ensure a |sparkly Yuletide.
Any attempt (however well intentioned) to do this today would involve such a collection of interchangeable boy bands and X factor non-entities, even 2000's Yuletide smash 'Bob the Builder' would be preferable
com is excited to announce our Yuletide loan service is up and running and ready to connect individuals with some of the fastest short term borrowing options available online, without needing to spend hours searching or waiting.
The 2010 Yuletide will include past favorites such as symphony musicians playing pop holiday classics.
Last year, BBC Radio Merseyside recorded a two-hour Christmas Day special programme onboard the York Yuletide Express, hosted by Linda McDermott and Andy Ball.
Lord Mayor Eibhlin Byrne explained the early yuletide is part of a bid to attract more shoppers to the city centre.
Less is more has, until now, been my yuletide mantra when it comes to decorating; sprigs of holly, a touch of mistletoe, a sprinkling of white lights around a gorgeous fir tree, understated hanging ornaments and elegant candles to add warmth and to finish off the overall aesthetic perfection of my oh-so-lovely festive dAcor.
An amalgam of tap, ballroom, ballet, and postmodern dance, this adaptation of the yuletide classic--set to an Americanized Tchaikovsky score by Duke Ellington and others--features Parker's trademark rhythmic dancing, including his forays into the percussive possibilities of the pointe shoe.
But, according to new research, Yuletide also brings out another "five" ( five festive personalities which we all fall into: the Scrooge, the Recycler, the Yule Perfectionist, the Christmas Kiddie and the Unprepared.
It is December 1980, a week before Christmas, Westport, Connecticut, a blanket of snow on the ground, wood smoke from fireplaces redolent in the air, tree lights festooning the houses, a pervasive Yuletide lilt, but we are laboring in the subterranean space beneath Paul's converted barn, an area that had once been a stable for farm horses.
Yuletide is the time to think about what you want to accomplish in the year to come.
IRELAND'S Pagan-worshippers are set to decorate their Yuletide trees more than ever before under the rules of the burgeoning cult.
Christmas cards dating back almost 150 years went on display yesterday with the launch of a seasonal exhibition of historic Yuletide and New Year greetings.
One of Santa's newest little helpers, Wickes vouchers look set to quench the the yuletide yearnings of the nation's keenest DIYers.
Several of the remaining pieces conjure up yuletide, including Liszt's original compositions "Scherzoso" (a musical depiction of lighting candles on the Christmas tree) and two works about bells and chimes.