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Synonyms for Yugoslavian

of or relating to or characteristic of the former country of Yugoslavia or its people or languages


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Unlike the Yugoslavian Naifs placed in wood racks, the Russan icons were 'placed on the floor, leaning against the walls.'
"I used the Yugoslavian passport to enter the UAE ...
Curcic, 43, says: "You are invited to train and play with ex-Premiership top player nicknamed the Yugoslavian George Best - well known for his skills and techniques!
According to the opinion on the Romanian and Yugoslavian military experts and the political figures from the two states, the necessity of several bilateral treaties and military conventions with the great powers and their neighbours, of zonal organizations, constituted a priority of the diplomacy.
Organized Yugoslavian military resistance rapidly evaporated, and the government capitulated after only 11 days.
His purpose is to correct earlier historians' dichotomous perspective, especially the post WWII Yugoslavian communist track on collaboration and the view proffered by the exiled anti-communist emigres.
Rajkumar /Times of Oman In his collection of notes, he has a 102-year-old Russian note which is the biggest in size (26cm length and 12cm width), a one billion Yugoslavian single note issued in 1992, which was withdrawn after three months, and several old currencies of Oman issued by Oman Currency Board during the reign of the then ruler, Sultan Taimur.
AFTER the shocking murder of two unarmed female police officers, we were told that hand grenades are now the "must have" weapon among villains - everything from British Army issued L109s to Yugoslavian M75s to homemade bombs.
Perisic, 67, the Yugoslavian army's highest-ranking officer, was found guilty of 12 of 13 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed including at Srebrenica, scene of Europe's worst wartime atrocity since World War II, and the shelling and sniping of the Bosnian Serb capital Sarajevo during its infamous siege from 1992-95.
Currently, the greatest milsurp bargains looking for new owners are the Model 24/47 and Model 48 Yugoslavian Mausers.
After publishing the dossiers of few Albanian functionaries, in which they are accused of collaborating with the secret Yugoslavian services, BDI and PDSH worsened the rhetoric to a boiling point.
The report also surveyed former Yugoslavian republics, which were revealed to be the cheapest places to buy food products on the continent.
"When they arrived at the Yugoslavian borders they were checked and vetted and their bikes were taken off them and searched.
Of which former Yugoslavian republic is Zagreb the capital?
The lineup includes psychedelic Yugoslavian animation, Simon Hook's Knit Your Own Karma, work from Cast Off and straight8, a Lego knitting machine and - inevitably - a couple of Michel Gondry videos.