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Synonyms for Yugoslav

of or relating to or characteristic of the former country of Yugoslavia or its people or languages


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Nato therefore has no alternative but to continue and indeed intensify the air campaign until such time as the Yugoslav side are prepared to agree the agreement fully and without ambiguity.
380 ACP) known in Yugoslav service as the Automatski pistolj (Brauning) 9mm M.
Croatia is the second former Yugoslav republic after Slovenia to be joining the bloc.
The verdict underscored the Yugoslav army's farreaching support for Serb forces responsible for the worst atrocities of the Balkan conflicts in the 1990s.
The first Yugoslav championship title went to Zagreb and was displayed in the glass case of the Gradanski soccer club.
In Yugoslavia, however, the system failed to produce enough jobs to fully employ Yugoslavs because the socialist worker-managers viewed new additions to the labor force as "profit" poachers who would cut into their share of the "profit" pie.
But since Yugoslav police had discovered that he was an international footballer, they had completed a 'full investigation' by last night,' the official wrote.
But the British official was unhappy with the host country's attitude: "After an hour's argument this morning, Yugoslav attitude is as to be expected: official total rejection of the possibility that any policeman could have acted as alleged, plus unofficial and entirely unquotable assurances that there will be some further inquiry behind the scenes.
Legal experts at the UN war crimes tribunal have assembled solid evidence on lesser charges against the former Yugoslav president," notes the AP.
During the 1980s, when a sull-intact Yugoslavia maintained the fourth largest military in Europe, Orao was the Yugoslav Air Force's contractor of choice for jet engine maintenance.
FORMER Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's ex-bodyguard WAS one of two men killed in a drive- by shooting, police revealed yesterday.
Several people were injured as police kept the Bosnian fans away from Yugoslav supporters, who were confined to a separate stand in the city's Olympic Stadium.
The smallest man in the NBA was waived by the Clippers on Friday, the same day a contract agreement was reached with Yugoslav guard Marko Jaric.