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Synonyms for Yugoslav

of or relating to or characteristic of the former country of Yugoslavia or its people or languages


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Employers in the FR Germany had the highest demand for workers from Yugoslavia especially during the period of open boarders when Yugoslav citizens were searching a job in Western European countries.
Officially, Belgrade became the capital of Yugoslav soccer in 1930 in a special session of the JNS assembly that only verified the decisions of the previous assembly.
The Yugoslav version of the incident was that trouble started only after Keegan refused to leave the restricted customs area.
Earlier in the year, American officials had learned that a team of Yugoslav military officers from the base had spent two weeks in Iraq consulting, it was believed, on air defense.
The majority of articles in the collection are from leading American Yugoslav scholars.
Ichiro Aisawa, chairman of the LDP's parliamentary league to promote friendly relations between Japanese and Yugoslav lawmakers, said he delivered a letter to Koizumi from Kostunica in which the Yugoslav president expressed the wish.
Gojkovic left Yugoslav champions Red Star Belgrade last year to join Iraklis.
I remember a huge line of buses, full of Yugoslav refugees, anxious to get as far from the war as possible.
Hirsh reports in the October 16 issue (on newsstands Monday, October 9), that transitions to restore democracy in the former Yugoslav republics of Croatia and Macedonia, as well as in Bosnia, will be rocky.
NATO jets continued to pound targets in Kosovo yesterday as the alliance's top general in Macedonia sat down with his Serb opposite number to plan the Yugoslav pull-out.
Dublin - famed throughout the work for its hospitality - will be no barrel of laughs for the Yugoslav team, including Real Madrid star Predrag Mijatovic and a host of other world-class players.
SINGAPORE, March 26 Kyodo Singapore has called on the Yugoslav government to end the conflict in Kosovo, the Foreign Ministry said Friday.
The Yugoslav football federation have requested that all Yugoslavs abroad do not play because of the air raids.
reached an agreement to acquire a stake in Pivara Skopje, the largest brewery in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia.