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the dialect of Chinese spoken in Canton and neighboring provinces and in Hong Kong and elsewhere outside China

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The An Yue Jiang had to abandon plans to offload in South Africa on Friday after dock workers won a court order barring it from transporting the cargo overland to Zimbabwe.
The earliest surviving references to swords from Wu and Yue that are found in early Chinese texts describe just two aspects of these weapons--their high quality and great value.
The phenomenal price paid for the work by Yue Minjun demonstrates that the new international collecting base has developed a taste for works by artists from around the world,'' Outred said.
ca:8080/hpf2005/, or contact either Yue Zhao (at Yue.
With Gibson's investment in Zhongshan Yue Hua, Chinese consumers will be able to acquire a high-quality piano more conveniently.
The muscles didn't actually grow in size, so Yue proposes that the mental practice strengthened the brain's signals to the muscles.
Master Ma Yue, a graduate of Peking Sports University, will be running Tai Chi lessons at Abbey Sports and Leisure club, in Meadow Street, next month.
Yue Meng-chu, general manager of the Keelung Fishermen's Association, said the North Koreans wanted the Taiwan side to provide fuel to some of its idled fishing fleets, to supply fishing equipment and to lease North Korean vessels to fish off the North Korean coast and explore for other fishing grounds.
Among them are three by Charlotte Yue and David Yue: The Tipi: A Center of Native American Life (1984), The Pueblo (1986), and The Igloo (1988).
Telco, Broadband Video Sector Veteran Drina Yue to Drive Growth and Innovate
The Liberian leader on Wednesday, September 12, 2017, joined Chinese Ambassador, His Excellency, Ambassador Zhang Yue, officials of government, members of the Diplomatic Corps, Embassy staff and the Chinese community in Liberia to celebrate the 68th Independence Anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).
Yue and Jun present students, academics, researchers, and general-interest readers with a comprehensive survey of the wide variety of social changes China underwent over the last two decades.
7 (ANI): Wang Yue, the only Chinese volunteer in the 520-day Mars-500 experiment program, has admitted that the stay in a mock-up spacecraft has taken its toll healthwise, but given an opportunity, he would willingly do it again.
CCTV footage of little Yue Yue lying horrifically injured as people stepped around her in the road caused outrage around the world and sparked a fierce debate about morality in China.