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the dialect of Chinese spoken in Canton and neighboring provinces and in Hong Kong and elsewhere outside China

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As principal Yue will continue to build and expand TPG's graphic studio.
Yue Bin pointed out the growth of Chinese investments in Georgia and the positive developments in the Georgian-Chinese trade relations.
We hope to open in the near future a representation of the Bank of China in Morocco," Yue Yi told the press following a meeting between a Chinese delegation and head of government Abdelilah Benkirane.
Management of Yue Yuen could not immediately be reached for comment, but in a public announcement Thursday, the company offered to make social security payments only if the workers would agree to retroactively pay their own required contributions into the fund.
In China's free zone concrete and clear rules and regulations have been developed to encourage investors and protect their businesses," Yue said.
Wang Yue has been painting on trees in Shijiazhuang city, turning them into colourful works of art, ranging from pandas to white cats.
This system was then used in a robot to enable it to explore paths or interact with objects, effectively using visual input only," Yue said.
Fred Yue, Director and Head of Leasing, has over 20 years experience in the UK leasing market, working as Finance Director at ING Lease (UK), CIT and Syscap.
According to Chinese legend, Yue Lao (the old man in the moon), unites couples in marriage as he holds 'The Book of Fate' in his hands.
Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings, a Hong Kong-listed company under Taiwan's Pao Chen Group and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for major international footwear companies including Nike, Adidas, and Puma, expects to benefit from the Olympics boom.
Joseph Yue Fusheng is to be ordained as bishop of Heilongjiang without papal mandate, according to church sources.
Daiyun Yue was the central figure in the establishing of comparative literature in the P.
Hu Jun, 24, was charged with causing the wrongful death of the girl, nicknamed Yue Yue, in the southern city of Foshan on October 13, the official Procuratorial Daily newspaper said on its website.
CCTV footage of little Yue Yue lying horrifically injured as people stepped around her in the road caused outrage around the world and sparked a fierce debate about morality in China.