Yucca whipplei

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yucca of southwestern United States and Mexico with a tall spike of creamy white flowers

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The relationship between the primary thickening meristem and the secondary thickening meristem in Yucca whipplei Torn III.
Yucca whipplei (from a 1-gallon can), with red Salvia greggii and Verbena peruviana (from 4-inch pots).
Oviposition and pollination behavior of the yucca moth, Tegeticula maculata (Lepidoptera: Prodoxidae), and its relation to the reproductive biology of Yucca whipplei (Agavaceae).
The pollination of Yucca whipplei by Tegeticula maculata: the benefits and costs of an obligate mutualism.
Look at the Yucca whipplei with the enormous white flower (which, incidentally, is edible) and stiff, green, spiny leaves; the moment it stops flowering, it dies.