Yucca brevifolia

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a large branched arborescent yucca of southwestern United States having short leaves and clustered greenish white flowers


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Yucca brevifolia fruit production, pre-dispersal seed predation, and fruit removal by rodents during two years of contrasting reproduction.
Yucca brevifolia shelters orioles and owls; kestrels rest in the branches from hunting trips; and Loggerhead Shrikes stab lizards on the spines, letting the meat ripen.
The hotter, drier temperatures associated with a shifting climate will suck up precious water and cause thirsty wildlife to eat younger plants--and if the next generation of trees can't establish itself, Yucca brevifolia brevifolia will eventually disappear from its southern range in Joshua Tree National Park.
Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) is a member of the agave family.
Ecophysiology of Yucca brevifolia, an arborescent monocot of the Mojave Desert.