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Synonyms for Yucateco

a member of the Mayan people of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico


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a Mayan language spoken by the Yucatec


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El nombre de una planta de la que se extrae, el sisal, es tambien el nombre del principal puerto yucateco.
This currently comes from two popular venues: "El Yucateco," a pungent red habanero pepper sauce from Merida, Yucatan, as well as the ubiquitous Tabasco Pepper Sauce produced by the McIlhenny Company of Louisiana.
1980), Diccionario de elementos del maya yucateco colonial (Swadesh 1991), and A Maya Grammar (Tozzer 1997).
The only new composition by the Yucateco king of romance comes in a duo with his son Juan Pablo, who has been trying to follow his father's footsteps for a few years now without much success.
After the fall of Madero and his vice president, the yucateco politician Pino Suarez, whose neo-porfirista governing style and socially conservative reformism alienated both elite and popular groups, the still dominant plantocracy (henequen production and prices remained healthy throughout most of the period) struck a social pact with the usurper Victoriano Huerta to fend off a widening of popular rebellion.
Tested with Huy Fong Tuong Ot Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and Vampfire Hot Sauce, and with El Yucateco (red) habanero sauce.
In 1773, Felipe Lopez, an indio yucateco and resident of Matanzas city, faced the local cabildo to defend his practice as sangrador or bloodletter.
According to correspondence and colonial government reports for the 1850s to early 1860s period gathered by Gonzalez and additional documentation for this period mined by the author, a significant number of Yucatecos and their families were found to have been transported--or, more accurately, smuggled-- without the knowledge of the government and/or under illegal or false contracts.
At the same time, a clear distinction must be made between those indigenas yucatecos who emigrated or were deported to Cuba and those who remained on the island.