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a member of the Mayan people of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico


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a Mayan language spoken by the Yucatec


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The modern Maya population in the Yucatecan region (i.e., excluding the modern immigrants from foreign countries as well as from other states in Mexico) have a Mongoloid dental structure, but received Caucasoid and African influence during the last five centuries due to colonization (Cucina & Navarro).
(79) Karen Dakin ('Linguistic Evidence for Historical Contact between Nahuas and Northern Lowland Maya Speakers') and Timothy Knowlton ('Nahua Vocables in a Maya Song of the Fall of Chichen Itza: Music and Social Memory in the Construction of Yucatecan Ethnicities'), in Astronomers, Scribes, and Priests: Intellectual Interchange Between the Northern Maya Lowlands and Highland Mexico in the Late Postclassic Period, ed.
Genetic diversity and agricultural strategy in 16th century and present day Yucatecan Milpa agriculture.
The product description on the box is thorough: chicken enchiladas poblano with mesquite black beans and garlic rice; Yucatecan nixtamal tortillas -- you can smell the corn in the tortillas -- roasted dark-meat chicken; spinach; Oaxaca cheese; and a creamy poblano chile sauce.
I told her before she went that the authorities are now very strict on the matter of working in the ruins and that to make things all right she should have had a permit from the authorities at Mexico to do her class of work among the Yucatecan ruins.
The regional cuisine of Yucatan becomes a stand-in for Yucatecan identity and a bulwark against internal cultural colonialism.
Thomasina says she has been working hard on some new Mexico City Boards for the Cardiff restaurant, which will include Alambres steak, sauteed with peppers and onions and smothered in cheese, with guacamole on the side, and Pork Pibil, tender slow-cooked pork in a special Yucatecan marinade with fiery pink pickled onions and Wahaca slaw.
The man who once ran two of America's most famous kitchens popped his first purchase into a monogrammed tote bag, then moved on to find the rest of lunch -- bright orange chilies, brown beans, radishes, black blood sausage and a thick slab of Yucatecan pork belly fried crisp in its own fat.
"Trough the Othering Gaze: Yucatecan Trova Musica and the 'Tourist' in Yucatan Mexico", en: M.
Whether presenting this work in small Yucatecan pueblos or larger cities throughout Mexico, Armando Dzul Ek has always been cognizant of how his work is received in diverse contexts, using his plays as a platform from which to voice Yucatec Mayas' political claims both within the community itself and to a broader national audience (Hervik 128).
Several indigenous Mayan groups, "Ladinos," "Mestizos," "Criollos," "Spanish" and "Yucatecan," became temporary or permanent migrants, many settling in the northern half of Belize (4) where they developed farming.
The country as no other: an empirical analysis of the Yucatecan regionalism
Yucatecan gastronomy emerged during the second half of the twentieth century as an outcome of long historical local-global and translocal processes.
By the mid-nineteenth century, it was becoming increasingly hard and expensive to fill labor demands with slaves, and an attempt was made to supplement them with indentured laborers, primarily from China though also native Americans, in particular from the Yucatecan peninsula in Mexico--living in conditions that, while limited to a fixed contractual period, verged on that of the slaves.
"When I make Thanksgiving dinner, I prepare traditional ingredients like turkey or squash with my own Yucatecan twist." Squash and chiles are native to both the Western U.S.