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a member of the Mayan people of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico


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a Mayan language spoken by the Yucatec


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For Jonathan, speaking what Krieger refers to as kindergarten-level Yucatec (237), his training suggests he should reduce Central America to academic papers and a comfortable tenured position in the States, though under the tutelage of the more inspirited Miguel Saardaval, his attitudes begin to change.
Restall offers a new ethnohistorical approach to the colonial experience of the Yucatec Maya, a group that has received considerable attention from a number of scholars in recent years.
Maya, also called Yucatec, the language of the Maya proper, is spoken by people in the Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize.
Large groups of Tzoltzil and Yucatec Maya regularly go on pilgrimages to a series of caves and cenotes.
1983 An Epoch of Miracles: Oral Literature of the Yucatec Mayan.
Dunning (1992), for example, showed that the indigcnous Yucatec Maya of the Puuc area of the Yucatan have a four-level soil taxonomy, at least nine distinct soil types, and a sophisticated knowledge of appropriate land use.
Comparison between cases as remote from each other as Iroquois and Yucatec Maya too can yield insight about both Indian strategies and responses and the Europeans'.
Chilam Balam (in full Books of Chilam Balam) Group of documents written in Yucatec Maya (with Spanish characters) during the 17th and 18th centuries.
(72) A similar situation existed in Yucatan, where the Yucatec Maya survived during the colonial period despite subjection to the repartimiento system and incorporation into the world economy.
The first fully literate native Americans, the Maya developed hieroglyphic writing that is still being deciphered, and the Yucatec Mayan-dialect is still spoken.
Construction of an Yucatec Maya soil classification and comparison with the WRB framework.
Visit the WLT website to hear the author read his poems in Yucatec
Shot in the Yucatec language, the primary Mayan dialect spoken in the Yucatan peninsula, with a cast of largely unknown, indigenous people from the Americas, this is a directorial tour-de-force - part history lesson, part chase movie - that immerses us completely in a world of strange rituals.
He classifies as many as nineteen major civilizations: Egyptian, Andean, Sinic, Minoan, Sumerian, Mayan, Indic, Hittite, Hellenic, Western, Orthodox Christian/ Russian, Far Eastern, Orthodox Christian/main body, Persian, Arabic, Hindu, Mexican, Yucatec, and Babylonic).