sulfur mustard

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a toxic war gas with sulfide based compounds that raises blisters and attacks the eyes and lungs

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All three countries have so far destroyed Yperite but not Sarin and VX.
In 1917, they deployed mustard gas, which blinded and poisoned thousands and became known as "Yperite", but with both sides using such weapons, no advantage was gained by either.
Yperite, phosgene, Chloropicrine ou aussi [beaucoup moins que]Arrahj[beaucoup plus grand que] (poison artisanal) comme cela fut baptise localement ...
Egalement appele yperite, le gaz moutarde provoque de graves brulures chimiques aux yeux, sur la peau et aux poumons.
Yperite, first used by the German army in September 1917, is better known as what type of gas?
When the Germans switched to phosgene, chloropicrin and yperite, or `mustard' gas, "the West Upton man and his assistants attacked the problem with renewed energy, working day and night."
Between 1941 and 1945, the plant made more than 760 tons of poison gas, including .500 tons of the mustard-gas-like yperite, 20 tons of lewisite and three tons of cyanide.