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a member of one or more of the insurgent groups in Turkey in the late 19th century who rebelled against the absolutism of Ottoman rule

a young radical who agitates for reform

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The Young Turks and the Boycott Movement: Nationalism, Protest and the Working Classes in the Formation of Modern Turkey
After the July 1908 coup d'Eatat that removed Abdul Hamid II from power and restored the country to a constitutional monarchy under the Young Turk movement, Armenians mistakenly assumed that past horrors would never be repeated though growing Armenian nationalism -- ironically allied with the Young Turks -- led to the creation of a secret Turkish revolutionary organisation called the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), whose ranks were filled by military officers.
These included Gad Frumkin (who she briefly focuses on) and David Ben-Gurion, who formed the Hebrew Students Society in Istanbul following the 1908 Young Turk revolution.
The Ottoman Empire had already been in retreat for over a century when the Young Turk revolution broke out in July 1908.
I was a young Turk myself and that is why I have promoted young Turks, male and female, into the shadow cabinet," he said.
During the First World War, The Young Turk political faction of the Ottoman Empire sought the creation of a new Turkish state extending into Central Asia.
The key question, writes Lewy, author of The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey: A Disputed Genocide (2005), is, Did the Young Turk regime in Constantinople (now Istanbul) organize the massacres?
The Russian Turks were the precursors to the ethnic nationalism of Ziya Gokalp, but their legacy was only evident after the Young Turk revolution of 1908.
Indeed, Francois Truffaut's Young Turk assertion that the phrase "British cinema" was a contradiction in terms now seems more like prescience than provocation, given the recent proliferation of pandering Brit inspirationals.
Alexander Payne only has three films under his belt, but don't try calling him a young Turk.
Similar to young Turk, although the latter is more concerned with fighting for radical change in the established order.
He rightly points out the dearth of extensive and objective studies of the second constitutional period, which coincided with Young Turk domination, because important Ottoman archival data was unavailable to scholars until recently.
After the Young Turk Revolution in 1908, he held several government posts, finally becoming senator.
Enver was the leader of the Young Turk triumvirate, consisting of himself, Cemal, and Talat, which took Turkey into the Great War in 1914.
In the contest for the three vice presidential slots, Husam Musa and Muhamad Sabu of the Young Turk camp retained their posts while the third slot went to Ahmad Awang, a senior ulama.
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