Young's modulus

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a coefficient of elasticity applicable to the stretching of a wire

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The data statistic analysis from ANOVA shown that the Young's modulus percentage of contribution (P) for treated biocomposites was 82.
Identification of young's modulus from broadband modal analysis experiments, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 18: 699-726.
Under the influence of the calcium load, as well as in the samples with verapamil the Young's modulus of lymphocytes decreased by 34% and 27% (p <0.
In the model represented by Type c, Young's modulus for the weak layer is described by the following relationship:
Among the experimental methods used to determine the Young's modulus and shear modulus of solid wood and wood-based materials, such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and plywood, the vibration method is very effective, and there are many examples of measuring the Young's modulus and shear modulus of these materials by this method.
The ratio of stress to strain in the elastic limit of the material on the stress - strain curve is referred to as the Young's modulus (Modulus of elasticity).
Semi-empirical correlations, showing the dependence of Young's Modulus on temperature and moisture, were included by the scientists to account for changes in spatial texture during the frying process.
Keywords Three-point bending, Nanoindentation, Young's modulus, Thermally sprayed coating
The Young's modulus of the particle is E = 72 GPa, and the value of Poisson's ratio is v = 0.
methods; one for measuring Young's modulus (5) and one for
Topics covered by the volume's 15 original papers include a new method to determine the Young's modulus of a microcrystal based upon Raman spectrometry, solid-state reaction in an Al-Fe binary system induced by mechanical alloying, thermal behavior of xenon in a refractory metal for gas fast reactor fuel elements, molecular dynamics simulation of brittle fracture in BCC iron, growth kinetics of boride layers, structure and optical properties of magnetron-sputtered SiOx layers with silicon nanoparticles, reaction of iron with amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon for the fabrication of iron silicides, theoretical determination of the pressure-volume-temperature relationship of some alkali halides, and concentration micro-field for lamellar eutectic growth.
The Young's Modulus was calculated from the following equation:
Thus, a greater Young's modulus of the underfill created a greater underfill stress, resulting in longer electromigration life.
The analysis includes evaluation of the longitudinal Young's Modulus [E.