Young's modulus

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a coefficient of elasticity applicable to the stretching of a wire

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The test data of the Group B rocks indicate the existence of positive correlations of the shear wave velocity and dynamic Young's modulus with mineral composition (quartz percentage).
Obtaining reliable strength and deformation properties for these materials, including their Young's modulus and shear modulus, is therefore essential to ensuring that construction procedures are efficient and cost-effective.
The ratio of stress to strain in the elastic limit of the material on the stress - strain curve is referred to as the Young's modulus (Modulus of elasticity).
Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio were calculated following the methodology of Zavoral et al.
Keywords Three-point bending, Nanoindentation, Young's modulus, Thermally sprayed coating
the standards and the data from a MEMS Young's modulus and step
the Young's modulus and modulus of rupture) of coconut logs directly by full scale testing.
The analysis includes evaluation of the longitudinal Young's Modulus [E.
From these experiments, the ultimate tensile strength, shear strength, elongation, yield stress, Young's modulus and the stress-strain curve are derived.
An air permeation resistant film comprising (A) a thermoplastic polyester elastomer which comprises a block copolymer containing a polyester as a hard segment and has a melting point of from 180[degrees]C to 230[degrees]C and (B) a rubber, in a mass ratio (A)/(B) of from 90/10 to 40/60, wherein the component (A) and the component (B) are melt-kneaded to perform dynamic crosslink, thereby forming a continuous phase composed of the component (A) and a dispersed phase composed of the component (B) and the film has an air permeation coefficient at 80[degrees]C of 5xl013 fm2/Pa-s or less and Young's modulus of 120 MPa or less.
Tensile strength, elongation at break and young's modulus of hybrid films were measured using Universal Testing Machine (UTM) 100-500KN M350/500 by Testometric Inc.
According to these prior investigations, the so-called virtual Young's modulus [E.
In general, the elongation decreased with increasing AESO content while Young's modulus increased with increasing AESO content.