Yosemite toad

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of high Sierra Nevada meadows and forest borders


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The Center also works directly to protect many of the species for which they are offering ringtones, including the Orca (Pacific Northwest), Beluga Whale (Arctic), California Red-legged Frog (California), Foothill Yellow-legged Frog (California, Oregon), Mountain Yellow-legged Frog (Sierra Nevada and Southern California), Oregon Spotted Frog (Pacific Northwest), Yosemite Toad (Sierra Nevada), Ash-breasted Tit-tyrant (Peru, Bolivia), Blue-throated Macaw (Bolivia), Fringe-backed Fire-eye (Brazil), Peruvian Plantcutter (Peru), California Spotted Owl (Sierra Nevada and Southern California), and Western Burrowing Owl (Western U.S., Canada).
Forest Service biologist Laura Conway indicated that grazing was probably driving at least three wildlife species in the Emigrant toward extinction: the Yosemite toad, the mountain yellow-legged frog, and the Sierra Nevada snowshoe hare.
Diagnostic histological findings in Yosemite toads (Bufo canorus) from a die-off in the 1970s.
list; the mountain yellow-legged frog and Yosemite toads have been proposed for listing.
Threatened mountain-dwelling species include the boreal and Yosemite toads, the cascade frog and the tiger salamander.