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a member of a West African people living chiefly in southwestern Nigeria

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a Kwa language spoken by the Yoruba in southwestern Nigeria


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Adams, who said his job is to broker peace and promote unity across the world, noted also that what the Yoruba nation needed most at the moment, is peace and tranquility and a unique zeal to promote the core values and identity of the race to the entire world.
Yoruba Kids TV is an online TV channel that has content chosen by a parent.
The first section presents a clarification of some ethical concepts in Yoruba moral philosophy.
Africa studies, literature, and other scholars from Brazil, the US, Portugal, and Nigeria present 19 chapters that analyze contemporary manifestations of the Yoruba in Brazil and their Brazilian counterparts who returned to Africa in the 19th century after the abolition of slavery, focusing on slavery and its aftermath.
The Yoruba and Arabic versions of the OWAAT website were made possible with the contribution of volunteers Todi Bankole from Nigeria and Sarah A from Saudi Arabia.
Two young people of Yoruba descent, looking at a painting of a diviner casting shells by Ade Ogundimu wondered why it had been called Before Big Data.
Then, the essay proceeds to discuss the social value in the poetry of Obasa, which, as revealed in the article, is based on the Yoruba world view and philosophical thought enshrined in the folkloric material that formed the basis of his poetry.
The pioneer Coordinator of Uganda OPU, Otunba Gani Olawale Dallas, expressed joy, said that the berth of the group in Uganda would further encourage all Yoruba sons and daughters resident in the country to work for the progress of Yoruba land.
It should be acknowledged that the Federal Government of Nigeria (1979) officially recognizes Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba as tools for the conduct of business in the National Assembly side by side with English.
Scholars of social sciences and humanities and practitioners of various arts mostly in Africa and the US examine Esu, the divine messenger in Yoruba religion and worldview and in related orisa traditions in the African diaspora that many now consider the Black Atlantic religion.
online, however, is reporting that the actor's behaviour changed after he began practicing Yoruba - which is purportedly an Africa-based religion.
Osundare's Native language is Yoruba and "translates" Yoruba orality to English in his poetry: "while English is a stress-timed [ST] language, Yoruba is a syllable-timed [SL] one operating through a complex system of tones and glides.
Steeping the audience from the very first frame in the rich textures and bustling rhythms of Brooklyn's Yoruba community, Dosunmu doesn't use such iridescent local color merely to dress up this classically structured melodrama about a young wife driven to social ruin by infertility, but to provide a suitably prismatic context for the character's fluid moods.
In particular, we experiment with programming Java in a native Nigeria language, Yoruba, which is spoken by over 40 million people across the world (Longe, 2012
The Yoruba constitute, perhaps, the most studied African ethnolinguistic group.