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a member of a West African people living chiefly in southwestern Nigeria

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a Kwa language spoken by the Yoruba in southwestern Nigeria


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As a result of all these developments, there is growing fear among the people of Lagos City, Lagos State and all the rest of the Yoruba homeland that some big attack on peace looms over their future.
This anthology presents an interdisciplinary approach to Yoruba culture and customs.
Yoruba Kids TV is an online TV channel that has content chosen by a parent.
The Yoruba and Arabic versions of the OWAAT website were made possible with the contribution of volunteers Todi Bankole from Nigeria and Sarah A from Saudi Arabia.
Then, the essay proceeds to discuss the social value in the poetry of Obasa, which, as revealed in the article, is based on the Yoruba world view and philosophical thought enshrined in the folkloric material that formed the basis of his poetry.
Most studies of Yoruba culture and performance in East Africa focus on standardized performance forms, says Adeduntan, and pay little attention to the ordinary human routine involving such practical matters as hawking, preaching, and conversation.
It should be acknowledged that the Federal Government of Nigeria (1979) officially recognizes Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba as tools for the conduct of business in the National Assembly side by side with English.
online, however, is reporting that the actor's behaviour changed after he began practicing Yoruba - which is purportedly an Africa-based religion.
The Yoruba constitute, perhaps, the most studied African ethnolinguistic group.
The same phenomenon is observed in Yoruba-English code-switching where functional elements such as determiners, inflection elements (tense, modal, aspect, agreement, etc.) from English grammar are barred in favour of those from Yoruba (Banjo 1993, Lamidi 2003).
With this CD, Sola Akingbola, the long-standing percussionist with the international, chart-topping band Jamiroquai, presents a superb album of Yoruba percussion from Nigeria.
In the novel, eight-year-old Jessamy Harrison, born to a Yoruba (Nigerian) mother and a white, British father, is a sharp-minded girl who spends much of her time reading Shakespeare and writing haiku.