Yorkshire fog

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tall European perennial grass having a velvety stem

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Phenology statistics comparing grass flowering dates between 2002 and 2001 show that for the UK as a whole, cocksfoot flowered nine days earlier; meadow foxtail 13 days earlier and Yorkshire fog nine days earlier.
Grass: Rye, Timothy, Cocksfoot, Yorkshire fog, Orchard and Sweet vernal - from mid-May to the end of July, peaking in late June.
What do Timothy, Yorkshire Fog and Cocks Foot have in common?
The spoil soils from the mining and processing of the ores are highly toxic and only a limited number of species have adapted to grow on them, one of these species being Yorkshire Fog, Holcus lanatus L.
The nature reserve at Rhydymwyn provides ideal habitat for the species in all of its lifestages - summer flowering knapweed and Bird's foot trefoil provide nectar for adults and the extensive grasslands provide plenty of Yorkshire fog and cock's foot grasses for the caterpillars to eat.
The top five were yarrow, Yorkshire fog, rough-stalked meadow grass, creeping red fescue and red clover.
Their favoured foodplant is the grass - Yorkshire fog, but the adults will drink nectar from flowers such as thistles.
Partial improvement of calcareous and acid grassland typically leads to increased prominence of perennial ryegrass, crested dogstail, Yorkshire fog and white clover.
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