Yorkshire fog

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tall European perennial grass having a velvety stem

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The genetics of arsenate tolerance in Yorkshire Fog, Holcus lanatus L.
The top five were yarrow, Yorkshire fog, rough-stalked meadow grass, creeping red fescue and red clover.
Ym mon y clawdd roedd y blodyn neidr a'r blodyn menyn, danadl poethion a llau'r offeiriad, a blodau'r gweiryn maswellt penwyn (Holcus lanatus; Yorkshire fog) yn gymysg drwy bopeth.
Their favoured foodplant is the grass - Yorkshire fog, but the adults will drink nectar from flowers such as thistles.
This spring, the Trust and the National Pollen Research Unit are asking people to record the early flowering grasses such as Yorkshire fog, cocksfoot, meadow foxtail and Timothy grass, as part of the UK Phenology Network's survey, which is monitoring the timing of nature's events in a changing environment.
Phenology statistics comparing grass flowering dates between 2002 and 2001 show that for the UK as a whole, cocksfoot flowered nine days earlier; meadow foxtail 13 days earlier and Yorkshire fog nine days earlier.
ALWAYS VIGILANT, favourably drawn in stall 10, is napped to confirm the promise of her Doncaster run in today's Yorkshire Fog Maiden Stakes (2.00) at Windsor, writes Rodney Masters.
The nature reserve at Rhydymwyn provides ideal habitat for the species in all of its lifestages - summer flowering knapweed and Bird's foot trefoil provide nectar for adults and the extensive grasslands provide plenty of Yorkshire fog and cock's foot grasses for the caterpillars to eat.
Farmers could be in a strong position to contest the moorland line, if through agricultural improvements the vegetation species are predominantly: Ryegrass, Timothy, Yorkshire fog, annual meadow grass, cocksfoot, clover rich pastures.
In summer (May-July) grass pollens are the most common causes of hayfever and include Foxtail, Meadowgrass, Cocks Foot, Timothy, and Yorkshire Fog.
Partial improvement of calcareous and acid grassland typically leads to increased prominence of perennial ryegrass, crested dogstail, Yorkshire fog and white clover.
Neglected rank grassland dominated by cocksfoot and false oat grasses is classified as semiimproved as is damp grassland dominated by Yorkshire fog, creeping bent, tufted hair grass which may or may not have frequent tussocks of soft rush.
Bob ochr i'r llwybr, roedd pennau'r gweiriau'n siglo'n y gwynt, ac yn arbennig y maswellt penwyn (Holcus lanatus; Yorkshire fog).
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