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a Penutian language spoken by the Yokuts in the San Joaquin Valley


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a member of the North American Indian people of the San Joaquin Valley

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Latta spent his free time recording stories and ethnographic information from pioneers and Native Americans because, as he once told a newspaper, "I couldn't help it." He believed history mattered, and California's Yokuts tribes fascinated him most.
Once Europeans arrived in the Central Valley, the Yokuts people avoided the Spanish mission experience that characterized many other California tribes' early contacts.
Ignoring as we do the Yokuts people's language, culture, and history, we'll let this strange locution remain obscure for a while.
The work also includes a Grande Pueblo song celebrating a birth and seeking the blessing of the Earth mother; a Yokuts Indian prayer; Navajo legends; a traditional Eskimo song; and a quotation celebrating the sky, sea and beauty of the Earth.
After 1769 foreign peoples along with exotic organisms and diseases accelerated the destruction of the Yokuts and their landscape imprints.
Britsch-Devany (1988), in her language renewal plan for a Tachi Yokuts (California) preschool, points out that in effective language programs, the school extends into the community as the elders become involved, and the community then extends into the school as the elders become "the embodiment of the traditional culture in the school, both through their presence and the acting out of their roles as the knowers, as the 'real teachers' of the language" (p.
The descendants of the Achomawi and Atsugewi of northeastern California; the Nomlaki, Modoc, Yana, Whilkut, Wintu, and Wiyot of northwestern California; the Maidu, Miwok, and Yokuts of south-central California and the Paiute and Washoe of eastern California still stories of Gold Rush massacres.
There is reason to hope that other generations might one day know something of the natural world that once hosted the Yokuts ...
Gold miners and gold diggers, Ohlones and Yokuts, Marks Twain and Hopkins--these are some of the notables to whom the stores play host.
Chapters cover the land's geology, climate, vegetation, animals, and human settlement, with specific focus on the Tubatulabal, the Yokuts, the Western Monache, the Sierra Miwok, the Yosemite, and the Paiute.
With the great rocks," as a Yokuts shaman once prayed?
According to Phillips, Beale did not coerce but encouraged about 2,500 Yokuts, Chumash, Tataviam, and Kitanemuk in the southern San Joaquin Valley and adjacent Tehachapi Mountains, most of whom, ironically, were acculturated Spanish-speaking fugitives from missions, to relocate to a tract of land on Tejon Creek which was actually private property derived from a Mexican grant.
In the Tulare Lake area, although reportedly "the waters teemed with fish and turtles and beds of mussels," (15) western pond turtles escaped mention in Thomas Jefferson Mayfield's post-1900 anthropological accounts of the Yokuts Indians, and were only mentioned off-hand in Frank Forrest Latta's writing, even though each of the men had considerable exposure to the Yokuts.
Its reedy banks (the name Tulare comes from a Spanish word for reeds) were home to Yokuts Indians, its shallow waters home to oysters and terrapin harvested for restaurants in San Francisco.