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a Penutian language spoken by the Yokuts in the San Joaquin Valley


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In May 1928, oral historian Frank Forrest Latta spent four hours interviewing a Yokuts tribe member in the Sierra Nevada mountains outside Visalia, California.
Latta spent his free time recording stories and ethnographic information from pioneers and Native Americans because, as he once told a newspaper, "I couldn't help it." He believed history mattered, and California's Yokuts tribes fascinated him most.
When he was twenty-four, Latta had started creating lists of translated words from different Yokuts dialects, and he patiently assembled the lists into dictionaries: "sister," aw-gawish, "squirrel," skee-til.
Between thirty thousand and eighty thousand of them were Yokuts people living in the San Joaquin Valley.
Using his collected words, Latta drove through the Valley in the 1920s, meticulously gathering ethnographic information and direct quotations that, as he later put it, preserve "a dream among the ruins of an extinct civilization" recorded "from the lips of the departed." He interviewed Sinel, a Tachi doctor known for having "supernatural curative powers." He interviewed Yoimut in Hanford, last of the Chunut tribe and last person who spoke the Croo'-noot and Wo'-wole dialects--and who pointed out that Yokuts' practice of burning good clothes after a person's death was no different than white people burying people in good clothes in expensive coffins, so why the fuss?
Harrington, could passably speak between forty and sixty different Native dialects, including ten Yokuts ones.
In return, Wah-nom'-kot helped Latta interview other Yokuts, performing essential communication functions, gaining people's trust, and helping him find more sources.
(7.) Yokut is a problematic term coined by anthropologists for many California tribal groups.
Most of the people heading up the road to the reservation had more black or Mexican in them than Indian, but Garfield was a full-blood Yokut. He ran a good cow-calf operation, broke horses better than most men in the valley, and always told Bobby that he didn't want any part of the reservation or the casino money that went with it.
Gladys and Ed would be happy hearing old Yokut stories all day.
The company expects that the target interval in the Yokut Formation will be intercepted within 10 days, logged and cased if warranted.
The oil shows indicated while drilling the primary target, Yokut sand.