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Yushchinsky was most certainly not murdered by "the Yids.
London, Sept 23 ( ANI ): Defiant Tottenham Hotspur supporters ignored the FA's demand to stop using the word Yid as they stood up for the whole game at Cardiff City, and chanted the term.
All you Yids ever think about is money," echoes the nasty soldier, Andri's rival for Barblin's affections.
Obviously the lad was not able to swap Latin epigrams or play chess to Grandmaster level, discuss how Herr Hitler had certainly got it right and how these Yids and Blacks were ruining the world for all civilised people.
Thus, such terms as wops, frogs, yids, harps, jigaboos and coons were only too familiar to folks in the long ago.
Regional Organiser Clive Jefferson mutters: "Look at those f***ing Yids.
Another Communist MP, Mr Albert Makashov, sparked a major controversy in October when he blamed Russia's problems on "zhidy", or yids, a slur against Jews.
The man said that there was still plenty of deer at the pond because no yids ever went there.
Around 40 minutes before the 4pm kick-off "We're Tottenham Hotspur, we'll sing what we want", resounded around the stadium, followed by "Yid Army" and later "Yids, Yids, Yids".
I would like to bring to your attention," wrote one Valery Tkachenko, "that in the basement of 13 Tiraspol Street a group of yids get together and discuss political issues, and they say that the Romanians and the Germans are drinking our blood by the glassful but that we will drink theirs by the bucketful.
There's a difference between fans describing themselves as Yids and someone calling someone a Yid as an insult DAVID CAMERON endorsing
Oh, and there's also, unsurprisingly, a "gay Jewish dancepop/indie/punk band called Silly Rabbi, Tricks Are for Yids.
Philosophically speaking, there have been Jewish teams in the tournament before: Amsterdam's Ajax and London's Tottenham Hotspur are, for reasons too complicated to consider here, known to fans as the Jews and the Yids, respectively.
Anybody over the age of 40 in this country will have been brought up on a diet of "jokes" about micks, yids and coons.