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As you know the draft of the Friendship Treaty between Yerevan and El-Kuwait is ready and I believe it will be signed in near future which will make it possible to establish tight cooperation in various spheres of urban economy, stressed the Mayor of Yerevan.
A test flight of the Boeing from Ashgabat to Yerevan was done in September 2017.
Yerevan is the cultural, political and industrial capital of Armenia and offers visiting business and leisure passengers a rich and diverse experience.
During the meeting in the Armenian capital on Sunday, Iranian Ambassador to Yerevan Mohammad Rayeesi and newly-elected Armenian Parliament Speaker Galust Sahakian discussed Tehran-Yerevan ties as well as the regional developments.
Flight times for flights arriving to and departing from Yerevan are 3 hours and 5 minutes and 2 hours and 55 minutes respectively.
the committee formed to consider the public transport tariff in Yerevan.
Yerevan is Air Arabia's fifth new route in 2013 and 86th worldwide from the carriers operating hubs in the UAE, Morocco and Egypt, said a sttaement from the airline.
BEIRUT: Culture Minister Gaby Layyoun met Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan Wednesday during a visit to the Armenian capital Yerevan.
Soviet control of the city helped develop Yerevan into the cultural and industrial metropolis we see today.
As flydubai's 25th route, Yerevan marks another milestone in the growth of the airline, and a thriving and intriguing city such as Armenia's capital is a fitting destination for this, reinforcing the values and aims of flydubai.
At a press conference after his talks in Yerevan on Thursday, Cavusoglu, a Turkish parliamentarian, was asked if he could maintain his objectivity as a Turkish lawmaker.
After a years-long effort, the city of Yerevan, Armenia, became the 25th sister city to Los Angeles on Friday.
Aided by wealthy diasporan Armenians, Yerevan has been transformed into a bustling Western city, with high-end shops, fascinating museums, gourmet restaurants, and an attractive night life.
She looks nostalgically at Mount Ararat, which rises to the west of Yerevan, but which today is in Turkey.
Yerevan Deputy Mayor David Ohanyan welcomed the representative of the regional organization of German Red Cross of Baden-Wurttemberg, priest Carl-Heints Scheide.