Yenisey River

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a Russian river in Siberia

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The most typical taiga is the Siberian dark taiga, which runs from the northeast of European Russia to the Yenisey River and as far as Lake Baikal in the south of central Siberia.
East of the Yenisey River, the climate becomes excessively continental for birches and aspens and the transition takes the form of a steppe forest, dominated by the Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris; see pp.
5 mph (3-4 km/h), crossing major obstacles such as the Yenisey River, which is roughly 1 mi (2 km) wide.
Our group first drove some 250 kilometers southwest from the city, crossed the Yenisey river by ferry, and then splashed and skidded through hub-deep mud for about two hours to the village of Kul'check.
1995) Ob and Yenisey River estuaries, and Kara Sea bottom sediment; 0-3 cm; 1993 (downstream of nuclear fuel facilities; dumpe d reactors in Kara Sea) Smith et al.
1996) Ob and Yenisey River estuaries, and Kara Sea bottom sediment; 0 - 3 cm; 1993-94 (downstream of nuclear fuel facilities; dumped reactors in Kara Sea) Callender and Robbins surficial (0 - 1 or 2 cm) bottom sediment , in
Thus, there are several possible sources of low-ratio Pu to the Kara Sea: the fuel reprocessing plants on the Ob and Yenisey Rivers, the reprocessing facility at Sellafield, and close-in fallout from Novaya Zemlya.
Local nickel supplies have been exhausted, and the plants are bringing in ore from the Yenisey River region in north central Siberia.
Optimism was further enhanced in late May and June, when seasonal spring flooding on the Yenisey River, in northern Siberia, restricted ships from entering or leaving the port of Dudinka.
A Mongol encampment, close to the source of the Yenisey River, Mongolia.
About 16 trillion gals (60 cu km) of water a year are discharged from Lake Baikal into the Angara River, a tributary of the Yenisey River.
The Yamal Peninsula is a finger of land pointing northwards into the Kara Sea, which together with the area to the south between the Ob and Yenisey rivers is likely to become the focus of international attention over the next few years.