Yemeni rial

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the basic unit of money in Yemen


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The Yemeni rial tumbled to about 243 to the US dollar in 2011 during a year of political unrest which led to the rise of al Qaeda militants and ultimately toppled President Ali Abdullah Saleh in February 2012.
As far as I know, the current exchange rate is the worst in the history of the Yemeni rial," said currency trader Yahia Al-Yemeni in Sanaa.
Separately, the central bank said Tuesday that it injected $43 million into the foreign exchange market to support the Yemeni rial, bringing the value of its hard currency sales this year to $495 million, the state news agency Saba reported.
The Yemeni Agriculture Ministry said the moth has cost Yemen around 71 billion Yemeni rial ($330 million dollars) since its emergence up until last August.
The report showed that the National Reconciliation Government has reduced the price of dollar to keep the price of Yemeni Rial at 215 against the dollar and increased the reserve of hard currency from USD 4.
The Yemeni rial has appreciated against the US dollar from a low of around YR 240 per dollar during last year>s crisis, to a current rate of YR 215 per dollar.
The Yemeni Rial recorded a very fast fall against dollar from (18) R/d in 1990, to (120), to (165)rials per dollar in 1994.
14 -- The value of the Yemeni rial has rapidly increased in the last two days from 238 rials to 218 rials to the dollar, leaving some angry after losing thousands of rials in the exchange rate.
Coins come in denominations of 20, l0 and 5 Yemeni Rial.
SANA'A, May 1st -- The value of the Yemeni rial has improved during the past week, simply because Yemenis had hoped the political situation would improve after the ruling party signed the Gulf initiative with opposition counterparts on Monday, May 2nd, 2011.
The Yemeni Rial has remained steady against the USD at around YR 214 to the dollar.
He also said that the repeated devaluation of the Yemeni Rial (YR) ensured that Yemenis lost confidence in the currency and this created fears that they would lose money.