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a telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on yellow paper) where business products and services are listed alphabetically by field along with classified advertising

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We used the distances between the Headquarters and the Movie Rental stores previously measured by GIS from the addresses collected from the phone book (YellowPages, 2009).
Pay Per Call ads in both the new YELLOWPAGES.COM mobile web and YPmobile applications is an example of how advertisers can leverage potential customers' increasingly mobile lifestyle.
Then followed WhitePages, YellowPages - both of which figure on the site - LookSmart, BigPond (yet another Telstra site), CommBank, (no relation to ABC-TV of the US, but an online division of the government-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and the ANZ Bank's Internet banking site.
Executives trumpeting a new deal to power Ameritech's shopping site, said they anticipated increased consumer take-up of online shopping during the upcoming Christmas retail season.
Thien also serves as a DP/Editor for Yellowpages, StudioNow, along with the private, governmental, educational, and religious institutes.
In domestic markets, AT&T's Yellow Pages and YELLOWPAGES.COM organizations are known for their leadership in directory publishing and advertising sales.
It also features YELLOWPAGES.COM TV and AT&T Yahoo!
-- YELLOWPAGES.COM TV, an intuitive new way to search for local businesses and other information via AT&T U-verse TV.
For further information visit his website at Probate Selected works Yellowpages Esqspot Evan Guthrie Law Firm 164 Market Street Suite 362 Charleston SC 29401, 843-926-3813.
Etisalat Directory Services, a leading online directory in the UAE, has revamped its local Internet search service portal by introducing a plethora of new features.
The agreement, of undisclosed financial terms, will provide an integrated package of marketing assets to allow AT&T and its YELLOWPAGES.COM brand to reach customers throughout New York City.
AT&T has also used in- house resources to develop cutting-edge applications for AT&T U- verse(SM) TV and YELLOWPAGES.COM.
It intends to start integrating Ingenio within AT&T's YELLOWPAGES.COM, with the organisation to be overseen by YELLOWPAGES.COM president and CEO, Charles Stubbs.