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sensationalist journalism


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You have to realize this community has been inundated by every sleezoid tabloid there is out there, by every yellow journalist there is.
Perhaps the most important new fact to emerge from the ongoing Dvorak-in-America colloquy was recently uncovered by Beckerman and Robert Winter, namely that a key controversial statement long attributed to Dvorak, in the New York Herald article carrying the title "The Real Value of the Negro Melodies" (21 May 1893), was not spoken by the composer, but was substantially and creatively shaped by the influential yellow journalist James Creelman.
Achakzai regretted how it has become easier for yellow journalists to get away with slander and defamation.
And yet, Netanyahu's lies are parroted by the Obama administration and other western governments and their yellow journalists.
Bob Ney (R-Ohio) reacted to Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff's correction regarding Koran abuse at Gitmo by ranting on the House floor: "America's troops are in enough danger without self-righteous, yellow journalists like Michael Isikoff defaming them for a cheap headline.