Yellowstone National Park

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the first national park in the United States

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It is described as a Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow stone weighing 20.
The words of their name, rendered as mock-monumental yellow stone, rise skyward from a stadium walled by a picket fence and are topped by scrappy cartoon depictions of the band members.
The highest-scoring nontypical Yellow stone elk recorded by the Pope and Young Club through its 23rd Scoring Period was a 420 5/8 bull taken by Steven Mullin in Idaho in 1981.
The weathered yellow stone of San Marcos has been joined by a more recent and unabashedly contemporary interloper, the gridded white concrete facade of the town's new concert hall on the south side of the plaza.
The ceiling is built with old Wyoming snow fencing, the walls with reclaimed Yellow stone timber.
About half the time I was able to see the fish, the other times it was a ``cast three feet to the right of the yellow stone.
Complementing those savory notes is a Jean-Marc Boillot Les Truffieres 1er Cru Puligny-Montrachet 2010, which offers harmonious notes of yellow stone fruits, light floral honey and apricots with a touch of nuttiness.
Tartan midi kilt, PS45, Asos; sky blue jumper, PS35, River Island; yellow stone ring, PS10, River Island; grey cable-knit tights, PS5.
The hearth and doorstep were coloured with yellow stone or donkey stone.
The exterior of the building, renamed Clear Sunset, was protected from change by its Grade II listing and features stone gargoyles, castellated bell tower, buttressing and rock faced yellow stone.
Entering Chipping Campden, with its row upon row of yellow stone cottages, it was like being transported into a picture postcard that embodies everything that is quintessentially Cotswolds.
octahedral fancy yellow stone (see photo 3) within a chunk of sandy tuff.
Admiral of the fleet, Archipenko, Yellow stone and the mighty George Washington.
Among them is the Tiffany's diamond, the stunning yellow stone worn by Audrey Hepburn in the promotional poster for the famous Breakfast at Tiffany's film.