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part of the Pacific off the east coast of Asia

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The UNESCO agreement, supported by New Zealand, paves the way for protection of these important stopover sites for New Zealands migratory native birds in the Yellow Sea. New Zealanders care deeply about backing nature and backing birds like the godwits and red knots.
"Liaoning will conduct further drills in other parts of China's maritime area which includes the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea," ( Global Times reported.
South Korea has approved plans to salvage a sunken ferry that capsized last year in the Yellow Sea killing over 300 people, Public Safety and Security Minister Park In-yong said Wednesday.
Waves as high as 4 to 6 meters are expected in the north of the East China Sea and south of the Yellow Sea from Saturday noon to Sunday midday, with a yellow alert issued by the center.
The algal phenomenon is usually caused by an abundance of nutrients in the water, especially phosphorus, although the triggers for the enormous blooms that began to appear in the Yellow Sea in 2007 remain uncertain.
It warned that if South Korea or the US responds "recklessly" to DPRK's counteractions, prompt actions by rocket forces deployed in the Southwestern sector will turn the five islands in the Yellow Sea into a "sea of flames."
According to the preliminary coordinates, the rocket's first stage would fall into the Yellow Sea between the Korean Peninsula and China, and the second stage separation would take place 136 kilometers east off the Philippines.
Chosun Ilbo said North Korea has built a hovercraft launch site at the Koampo base in South Hwanghae Province close to the South Korean border that would shorten the time for a possible North Korean military assault on Beaknyeong, one of South Korea's outlying islands in the Yellow Sea.
Putin referred to recent joint navy exercises in the Yellow Sea as an example of military cooperation which, he said, would go on.
Beijing, May 21 ( ANI ): The 29 Chinese fishermen and three boats that were captured by unidentified North Koreans in the Yellow Sea have been released, according to state media.
Moscow, April 25 (BNA) - Russia and China have completed the first stage of naval exercises in the Yellow Sea, off the coast of Qingdao in eastern China, the Russian Navy said .
SOUTH Korean warships fanned out across the Yellow Sea yesterday to search for debris from North Korea's failed rocket launch.
Seoul, May 12 (Saba) - South Korean and US marines will stage their first joint drill on islands near the Yellow Sea border with North Korea this year, in a show of force to the North that its provocations won't be tolerated, officials said Thursday, according to Qatar News Agency (QNA).
Military officials said troops were preparing for "further provocations" from North Korea, such as possible attacks on anti-North Korea loudspeakers in border areas or on South Korean ships patrolling the Yellow Sea, Yonhap reported.
In what can only be condemned as an act of madness, North Korea on Tuesday fired artillery shells at Daeyeonpyeongdo, a South Korean island in the Yellow Sea. The South Korean army returned fire.