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Synonyms for archangel

an angel ranked above the highest rank in the celestial hierarchy

a biennial cultivated herb

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Its common name, the Yellow Archangel, may fool you into thinking that it has a kind and loving personality.
Woodland plants like yellow archangel and sanicle fared worst, with 56 out of 72 species declining significantly.
In the plantings shown here, Huston mingled alyssum, marguerites, marigolds, petunias, yellow archangel (Lamium galeobdolon), and trailing Vinca minor with showy vertical plumes of purple fountain grass.
Flowers include anemones, yellow archangel, wood sage and wood sorrel.
Parrot's Drumble is one of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's finest ancient woodland nature reserves where as well as the sea of bluebells In spring you will also see dog's mercury, wood anemone, yellow archangel and wood sorrel.
And she has just had another story, Yellow Archangel, published in a collection of haunting supernatural tales from Seren, entitled Sing Sorrow Sorrow, edited by Gwen Davies.