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city in east central Ukraine on the Dnieper River

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(13.) This excerpt from Verlaine is used as the epigraph to the aestheticist Yiddish poet Leyb Naydus's collection, Lirik (Yekaterinoslav: Y.
Most of these colonies were established in present-day Ukraine, mostly in Yekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk) province and in the Crimea.
The answer to the question of why she marries Abraham Podselver, a struggling fashion illustrator with socialist dreams, lies in the sum of Nina's experiences--her first real love, her family's struggle to make it out of the ghetto in Paris, and their life in Yekaterinoslav in Ukraine, where they enjoyed a comfortable, cultured life until a series of bloody pogroms forced them into exile.
Finally, a book devoted to Russian Jewry does not inspire confidence when it misspells Berdichev and Yekaterinoslav, and "Perestroicka" while misnaming the New Economic Policy as the National Economic Plan.