Yehudi Menuhin

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British violinist (born in the United States) who began his career as a child prodigy in the 1920s (1916-1999)

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SELECTED FOR TOP SCHOOL Tom Yang, eight, who is to study piano at the Yehudi Menuhin music school
"The first time that I heard Beethoven's overture, Egmont, was in Sheffield when it was played by Yehudi Menuhin." He and Dougie will doubtless be hoping that next week will create similarly powerful memories for a whole new generation of music lovers.
He had founded the Yehudi Menuhin School, Surrey, for gifted young musicians in 1963.
Live Music Now was founded by Yehudi Menuhin in 1977 to bring the inspiration of live performance to a wider audience and to develop the careers of young musicians.
1929: Violinist Yehudi Menuhin made his London debut at the age of 12.
Equally at home on acoustic or electric guitar, John has worked with many top name musicians, be it Yehudi Menuhin, Dizzy Gillespie or renowned classical guitarist, John Williams.
Becoming a famous teacher in India, it was a meeting with the famous violin player Yehudi Menuhin which spread his reputation abroad.
However, there is a famous story about him cutting short rehearsals for his recording of the Violin Concerto with the 16-year-old Yehudi Menuhin so he could go to the races.
This time around, however, it's strictly jazz, as the former child protege of the late and legendary Yehudi Menuhin, goes uptempo to realise a personal dream' Nigel Kennedy put in a personal request to play at the Cavern - just because it is the Cavern,' said the club's programme organiser Steve Panter.
Gillian, who works as director of the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now scheme in Wales, has played the harp across the world, including on cruise ships.
A list of intended victims included Yehudi Menuhin, Sir Richard Attenborough and even Dame Vera Lynn.
The child prodigy was Yehudi Menuhin. 1952: King George VI died during the night at Sandringham, aged 56.
Bydd rhaglen yng nghyfres ddogfen O Flaen dy Lygaid yn adrodd stori unawdydd cello deunaw oed o Gastell-nedd sy'n ddisgybl yn Ysgol Yehudi Menuhin ers pum mlynedd.
O Flaen dy Lygaid: Maestro (S4C, 9.30pm) Cawn ddilyn stori Steffan Morris, unawdydd cello 18 oed o Gastell-nedd sy''n ddisgybl yn ysgol gerdd fyd-enwog Yehudi Menuhin ers pum mlynedd.
YOUNG musicians from the Yehudi Menuhin School Orchestra are in action in Warwickshire this weekend.