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an Old Testament book containing Ezekiel's prophecies of the downfall of Jerusalem and Judah and their subsequent restoration

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Judge Noam Solburg recently acquitted the policeman Yechezkel. Ironically, in his verdict the judge states that Samir had not threatened Yechezkel, at no point was there physical contact between Samir and the policemen on the scene, and Samir was actually moving away from the policemen when he was shot in the back.
Brian Davies / The Register-Guard Zachariah and Ora Goldman of Eugene will soon move with their children, Ateret, 2, Betzalel, 4 (right), and Yechezkel, 6, to Bet El, a Jewish settlement in the occupied territories of Israel.
As Yechezkel Dar of Hebrew University of Jerusalem explains in his sociological article on kibbutz education, the "uniqueness of the kibbutz originated not only from its communal distinction, but also from an elitist conception of being a model for, and facilitator of, a new sane and just Jewish society" (225).
A plan given cabinet approval on Sunday will pump 100 million cubic meters of water annually by 2022 into the lake in northern Israel's Galilee region, Yechezkel Lifshitz, deputy director general of Israel's energy and water ministry, told AFP.
To do only the latter, one can combine the steps recommended by the Chofetz Chaim and Ohr Yechezkel for addressing possible wrongdoers: 1) Ensure your information is accurate.
Shmuel Stienlauf, [1] Vered Yahalom, [1] Eli Schwartz, Eilat Shinar, Gad Segal, and Yechezkel Sidi
3300 years of continuous usage, according to the classification of the late Professor Eduard Yechezkel Kutscher: Biblical: archaic, classical, and late, extending from circa the 13th century BCE up to, but not including, the Mishnah, c.
"This isn't a localized problem or one that can be solved with discussions alone," said CEO Yechezkel Gvirtz.
Although he quotes frequently from Yechezkel Kaufmann and somewhat less so from Abraham Joshua Heschel, two of the greatest names in 20th-century Jewish scholarship, Podhoretz is not reticent in criticizing their work.
Revital Kariv, * ([dagger]) Robert Klempfner, * ([dagger]) Ada Barnea, ([double dagger]) Yechezkel Sidi, * ([dagger]) and Eli Schwartz * ([dagger])
Ezekiel (Yechezkel, in Hebrew), lived in the sixth century BCE, having acco= mpanied the exiled Judeans to Babylon.
But the scholarship of Yechezkel Kaufmann, and other more recent critics, has shown them to be, at least in large part, much earlier than believed.
In reaction, JPPPI head Yechezkel Dror said Jerusalem must become the cultural center of the Jewish people.
Rabbi Yechezkel Greenwald, father of four, is in Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital after being stabbed in the neck by an Arab terrorist near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City on Tuesday morning.
Yechezkel Levy heads an IDF delegation coordinating the transport of humanitarian aid from Israel to the disaster area in New Orleans.