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a book published annually by the graduating class of a high school or college usually containing photographs of faculty and graduating students

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a reference book that is published regularly once every year

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This year the Meridian Hawks are celebrating an exciting milestone -- the 25th yearbook anniversary for Meridian High School.
"When I heard the Burns Elementary story, I knew just how we could help," Lisa Dean, Director of Sales, Eastern Region, Picaboo Yearbooks.
She cites as advantages the online tool, the ability for parents and teachers to upload photos, the online storefront that allows parents to order a book past the payment due date, and the fact that she can utilize the same features she built into past yearbooks.
Since digital yearbooks are stored on computer discs and no longer printed, they can be produced at a fraction of the cost of publishing a hard copy version.
The yearbooks contain contact details for fellow councillors and senior officers within the authority, despite the fact elected members are already given these in a handbook.
Hickman High School student Kaitlyn Booth, 17, allegedly accessed her school's yearbook after it had already been checked over and approved by staff, Principal Dr.
Maggie Moran, director of Learning Resources, tells The Commercial Appeal that the school no longer has to worry about aging yearbooks being damaged.
The yearbook for Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School in New Jersey has traditionally doubled as an unofficial social register: Students closely study the index of names in the back and count how many times they appear.
The China society yearbook, v.3; analysis and forecast of China's social development, 2008.
When I became co-editor in 1990, Jeanette expertly guided me to an understanding of how the Yearbook reflected that ethos; as coeditors we were to provide the author of each submission with the best constructive criticism of which we were capable, even if we decided ultimately not to accept the manuscript, and to regard the Yearbook as an important tool for the development of feminist German scholars and scholarship in German.
Most public college newspapers and yearbooks, like the yearbook at Kentucky State, would be designated public forums.
The battle began when university officials at the Frankfort, Ky., campus confiscated copies of the student-produced yearbook, "The Thorobred." Campus officials claimed that the yearbooks should not be distributed because their color design did not include the school colors, and that some of the inside work, including a current events section, was of "poor quality."
ASD has also teamed up with Taylor Publishing Company, a leading publisher of school yearbooks, to make online yearbook ordering and payment available at individual school Web sites.
Highland, MI, June 11, 2016 --( Every student at Harbor High School recently received a very memorable gift from Picaboo Yearbooks at a special school-wide event.
Hood agreed with Gibson's withholding of the yearbook, saying that under Hazelwood yearbooks cannot be considered public or limited public forums, which receive protection under the First Amendment's freedom of speech clause, and thus school censorship was permissible.