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a river that rises in west central Mississippi and flows southwest to empty into the Mississippi River above Vicksburg

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A story in this issue of the magazine discusses ARS research along Mississippi's Coldwater River, a tributary of the silty Yazoo River (story begins on page 4).
<div class="imageBox" style="width: 630px;"><img id="101153" class="imgPhoto magnify" title="Update 4: NASA captures satellite images of 2011 Mississippi floods [Video+PHOTOS]" src="http://img.ibtimes.com/www/data/images/full/2011/05/20/101153.jpg" alt="The Mississippi River set a new record at Vicksburg in May 2011, while the Yazoo River simultaneously flooded.
Out to the interstate I try to hold it by remembering how Dixon told me about the Little Tallahatchie, how it flattens out, slips down the Yazoo bluffs, and joins the Yazoo River, and then how the Yazoo slides out on the vast Delta floodplain, bends into deep meanders, and slows to a sluggish crawl south before disappearing ceaselessly into the Mississippi's deep dark flow.
The USS Cairo is a massive, ironclad gunboat that spent one hundred years on the bottom of the Yazoo River before she was raised to the current location.
Deriving its name from the Yazoo River, yazoo clay is a mineral-filled mud with elastic properties--it can shrink and swell dramatically, causing sometimes severe structural damage to anything constructed on it.
Notropis rafinesquei is endemic to the upper Yazoo River drainage in Mississippi, including portions of the Coldwater, Tallahatchie, Yalobusha and Yazoo River systems (Ross, 2001).
*The Delta is defined as the region between the Yazoo River and the Mississippi River from Tunica to Vicksburg.
It will also add nine new sites in the Delta, the region between the Yazoo River and the Mississippi River from Tunica to Vicksburg.
The eastern boundary is defined by a series of bluffs that begin just below Memphis and run south to Greenwood and thence southwesterly along the Yazoo River, which meets the Mississippi just above Vicksburg.
Here is one of my favorite quotes from Mixedblood Messages, memorable for both its lyricism and the way it summed up Owens's life and stance: "On one side of Oklahoma lay the comforting darkness of Mississippi and my Choctaw and Irish grandparents close to the Yazoo River; on the other side was a sweep of desert and then the brilliant light of California, a place where I never stopped being a stranger."
Louis, journeying up the Yazoo River, up the Missouri River, and to upper Mississippi River cities among other places.
Then-Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt called the plan, which would benefit a relatively small number of landowners, the "most cockamamie" project he'd ever encountered, noting that the Yazoo River Basin is a haven for migratory birds, floodplain fisheries and wetlands wildlife.
the local term loosely applied to that part of the State flanked on the West by the Mississippi River, roughly from Memphis to Vicksburg, and on the East by the Yazoo River. It is a flat plain, for centuries washed over by uncontrolled river floods accumulating some of the richest earth in the South.
Schofield as commander of the Army of the Frontier, soon absorbed into the Army of the Tennessee; commanded the left division of Grant's army at the siege of Vicksburg (May 4-July 4, 1863); commanded the expedition up the Yazoo River that culminated in the capture of Yazoo City (July 13); as commander of XIII Corps on the Mexican border, he rendered covert assistance to Mexican Pres.
When writing the lyrics, he considered "way down upon the Yazoo River," discarded that, tried the "Pedee River," discarded that, then turned to an atlas and picked the Swanee River in Florida as the place he longed to see once more.