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a river that rises in west central Mississippi and flows southwest to empty into the Mississippi River above Vicksburg

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The year-long program will be the pipeline for potential employees to join Yazoo's workforce.
Stephen Washburn of Yazoo City-based The Hog Patrol agrees that feral hogs have destroyed Delta croplands.
The Seller was represented by Colon Johnston, PO Box 130, Yazoo City, MS, 39194.
By expanding the facility and adding to its workforce, Yazoo is able to produce more products in 48 hours or less, said Leathery.
Yazoo Yogurt Smoothies come in two flavours, Mango & Pineapple and Strawberry & Raspberry.
Having seen Alison live on several occasions, including the Yazoo tour a few years back, I ask if that was the inspiration for going back to electronica.
During her years with Vince Clarke in Yazoo, she admits to finding being on the road a lonely experience.
The fight for the Yazoo, August 1862-July 1864; swamps, forts and fleets on Vicksburg's northern flank.
Yazoo The Collection VINCE Clarke may have had more commercial success with Erasure and be seen as a synth-pop godfather after founding Depeche Mode, but Yazoo remains his beating heart.
Only the familiar smile was as wide as it used to be nearly 30 years ago in her heyday with Yazoo and as a solo artist.
The team from Chandlers Ridge Primary School in Nunthorpe lifted the winners' cup at the North East RFU YAZOO Regional Tag Rugby Festival, which took place at Newcastle Falcons' ground on Friday, May 25.
The aptly titled, Yazoo Park is a unique proposition from Evershine and Rustomjee developers and is part of their ambitious joint venture Global City, a township spread over 217 acres in Virar.
Four victims were in Yazoo County and one was in Holmes County.
The devastating twister - thought to be a mile wide - sliced through a residential area of Yazoo city, Mississippi, flattening homes and leaving businesses wrecked.